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Happy Child won a grant of "Ukrgasbank"

Taxation of donations and fraud made bankers and philanthropists launch the "Bank of Good Deeds" project

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Albert Pavlov

The "Happy Child" charity foundation has received a grant from "Ukrgazbank" for the joint implementation of the "Bank of Good Deeds" social project in the Zaporozhye region.

Albert PAVLOV, the head of the foundation, reported about it on April 9 while presenting this initiative in the press center of VESTI-INFORM agency.

Mr. Pavlov said that nowadays there are a number of problems in the field of charity which were revealed by the foundation staff during long-term practice and therefore the time of "wise charity" came, and the "Bank of Good Deeds" project is one of examples of such a model.

"Our Happy Child foundation has been working since 2004. More than 1,000 people received help during this time. We have gained a lot of experience and we saw the problematic issues. One of these is raising funds for the treatment of sick children to the personal accounts of parents. On the one hand, it means freedom, but it also causes some problems, "- says Mr. Pavlov.

"We adhere to the principles of wise charity, therefore last year the foundation refused to raise funds to personal accounts of parents, since in addition to the issue of taxation of such accounts, there is the issue of misuse of money about 5% of such cases. There were even cases of purchase of a car" - said the head of the "Happy Child" charity foundation.

According to Albert Pavlov, when the money is collected by parents on their bank accounts, foundation staff cannot control it, there is no way for it. Moreover, according to Mr. Pavlov, today there is a problem with the accounts and bank cards fraud. Another issue is what to do with the money if there was collected more than needed.

"When there is collected more than necessary, we cannot keep track of it, there is no reporting. There was a case where a child died, but there was about 400,000 hryvnyas (approximately 50,000 US dollars) on the account. We tried to convince parents to give it to other children, but some amount - about 60,000 hryvnyas (approximately 7,350 US dollars) - they left to themselves. And we face these incidents more and more often. Another problem is Internet fraudsters. We have recorded 10 such cases in Zaporizhzhia - from 400 to 4,000 hryvnyas (approximately 40-490 US dollars) was withdrawn from parents bank cards in our region. The incident when 50,000 hryvnyas was withdrawn from the card account was reported in Ukraine, "- said Albert Pavlov.

VESTI-INFORM news agency video

Pavlov explained that collecting donations through charity fund is much more civilized and safer, and it will exempt collected amounts from taxation. Besides, he said, the foundation staff can help with the acquisition of medicines at lower prices comparing with parents own purchase.

For this reason, according to the head of the fund, the "Bank of Good Deeds" social program is launched.

"We are pleased that the "Ukrgazbank" and Princes Ostrozhsky Fund assist us in this, and the obtained grant will be directed to the development of wise charity. And it will also help the development of our new "Helpus" charity foundation, which specializes in helping adults", - said Mr. Pavlov.

Wed like to remind, as VESTI-INFORM reported earlier, on April 9 the "Bank of Good Deeds" project was presented in Zaporizhzhia. It implies encouraging people to civilized forms of charity and collecting donations without problems with taxation or swindlers.

For reference:

In 2012 the Happy Child foundation collected and allocated 2 million 650 thousand UAH for help. Over 200 children of the Zaporizhzhia region who needed financial assistance for treatment were helped.

The project website - "Bank of Good Deeds"

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