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Happy Helicopter Day

Logan's birthday was Tuesday. He said repeated "Happy Helicopter Day - Di (give) me boat"

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Logan's birthday was Tuesday. Everyone except Laura has had their birthday since he came home so he had a general idea of what it was all about. Actually the last few cousin birthday parties we attended he was mad he didn't get presents. A few weeks before his birthday he caught on to askng for what he wanted. His list consisted of 3 things: A remote control boat to drive in the pool, a new helicopter and a car he could drive. He said repeated "Happy Helicopter Day - Di (give) me boat" (He was not being bossy he just has severe speech issues and that was all the words he could string together)

He LOVED his birthday!! We celebrated with my family and Grandpa Vilardo on Sunday. He received 2 helicopters, two remote control cars and some pool stuff. He was thrilled. The three big boxes of presents from us were left in the living room for him to open on his actual day.

On his actual birthday the boy showed incredible patience as we would not let him open his presents until the whole family was together. So finally around 7pm he got to open the presents. He was happy but not as happy as he was yesterday when he actually got to play with all three of them (all the batteries needed to charge)

Yesterday after work we took the boat down to use it in the pool. Mak and Mamma J were here and got to see how much fun it is when he is excited.

Walking is coming along slowly. We are at a point where if I push the walker he can walk at a fairly normal pace. If he pushes the walke it is still super slow. We have ordered a new walker for him so hopefully that will help. He is enjoying the freedom that legs give. He left church before we did because someone opened the door for him. He loves that he can walk up tot the water fountain and get a drink or play in the water at the kitchen sink.

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