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The Report on the Works Done in Kalinovka Childrens Home in April 2013

In April we had a Cleaning Day in Kalinovka and reconstruction of the second Happy Home was continued the pavement and the steps are ready now

Author: Maria Semashkina, translated by Anna Oliynyk, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2013-05-21 15-30-00 Viewed, times: 1776
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April brought more activities to reconstruct the second Happy Home. The pavement and the steps were done this time. Now we are looking for a contractor who will do the roof works which are to start very soon.

Residents of the Kalinovka Childrens Home together with boys and girls from other psychoneurological facilities demonstrated their talents at the concert called "Pure in Heart" which was held on April 29. Among other activities, children presented their bead works at the exhibition.

Last month the website selling bead works made by Kalinovka residents started it operation. Making a donation to buy beads and other materials needed for the little craftsmen to create their masterpieces, you can purchase an art object for your home made with their own hands.

The profiles of five more orphans from Kalinovka were published at our website in April.

And, finally, the key event of April was the Cleaning Day with 15 volunteers as well as workers and residents of the Childrens Home taking part in it. And we would like to thank them all for their contribution!

Instructors achievements:

Oleg S. from the group of Valentina K. learned to differentiate colors. Sofia Sh. from the same group makes animal sculptures of play dough.

Raisa H. teaches children to observe the environmental processes. As a result, now the favorite activity of Oleg B. is playing with insects. Besides, Raisa made applied ornaments together with Dima S. and Oleg P.

Roma M. from the group of Ogla M. is now able to hold his bottle; he also takes toys and gives them back. Nastya M. is now able to put on her T-shirt without others help. Danil from Olgas group repeats the sounds which domestic animals make.

Kalinovka Needs as of 21 May 2013

1. Construction materials for the second house
2. Figures for plaster modeling
3. CDs with the sounds of nature and with music for children
4. Acrylic paints
5. Bead embroidery kit
6. DVDs with cartoons and fairy tales
7. Handouts pictures
8. Large or middle-sized puzzles
9. Flower stand
10. Music toys
11. Rubber and plastic toys
12. DVD
13. PVA glue
14. Water filter
15. Construction kit
16. Blocks
17. Pyramids
18. File folders
19. Handwriting worksheets
20. The book Origami by Ritsun
21. The book Applied Ornaments with Smaller Children by Yanushko
22. The book Preschoolers on a Walk by Sukhar
23. Paper of A4 format
24. Soccer balls
25. Toy cars
26. Chalks

Thank you for the contributions you have already made and also for your moral support. Remember that only we can help those kids! Every dollar and every minute of your attention to those special children are precious. Do good!