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A Child Needs a Family: Yulia L., born in 1999

Yulia is 18 years old now

Author: Mariya Semashkina, translated by Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2013-05-31 15-30-00 Viewed, times: 4144
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Empty look. Apathy to each touch. It seems as if her little body was given a free soul flying somewhere else, in a world full of bright colours.

When you touch this child your heart starts to bleed because your touch seems to change nothing. Someones empty look made Yulia once and forever apathetic. Could it be these special children like Yulia secretly speak with Heaven? Could it be they somehow do not need words and touch to communicate with other children, those who constantly lie nearby or live on a different planet?

I dont really want to believe that Yulias world is just like this It would be wrong to say that her life is only a biological existence. Yulias life is far more than just existence.

I am seeing it more and more lately that hopeless children are actually promising. And, thus, theres a chance to change everything. There is always a chance to change everything!

Its difficult to believe that one could ever hear any sound from Yulia! However, I merely had to switch on the button of a musical toy to hear Yulias effort to speak her way and even start to dance. Dance still being in bed.

Yulia is likely to speak one day. She at least may one day say Mom and Dad. Yulia just needs a loving mom and dad to come and take her home where she will start to trust them and respond to their gentle touch with her sweet smile and tenderness.

If you are interested in adopting Yulia, please read the memo to the potential adoptive parents, guardians, and foster parents; you can also contact Childrens Affairs' service of the Zaporozhia State Administration by telephone (061) 239-01-56. Request the Profile Number of Yulia accordingly to the orphan list # 0019456.

If for some reason you are currently not able to adopt (for example, you are a student and do not have a family of your own yet) you are still able to help children at a boarding school (an orphanage with your financial support. Ways you can help include: planning and participating in excursions and trips for children; visiting a child in an orphanage; or helping purchase developmental toys, books, construction sets, and sports equipment.

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