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Life in Our Hands

Kristina Voitovich URGENTLY needs to buy expensive Vifend antibiotics and take a treatment course that will cost 6,255 US dollars! Kristinas life is in our hands

Author: Alina Senjuk, translated by Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2013-06-05 17-50-00 Viewed, times: 1845
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We have already told you the story of the Voitovich family. Ever time Kristinas life is in danger we try to show her pain and the strong will to live by Kristina and her mother.

They are undoubtedly strong women. They, with your kind support, have been fighting for Kristinas life for three years.

Right now Kristina needs money to buy Vifend antibiotics and take a treatment course that will cost approximately 6,255 US dollars. Its very challenging to raise this big sum of money for Kristina and her mom. If everyone of you, dear readers, donates 1, 2, 10 dollars, Kristina will be able to start her life-saving treatment

The family even had to ask for help on a local TV channel.

After the TV appeal had been broadcasted Kristina and her mom asked me to share their message with you:

You already know my story. Im again appealing to you. Im still alive thanks to you!

Im in trouble again. Recent examination revealed a neoplasm in my lung. Consultations in Moscow discovered that there are more than just one neoplasm. This problem must be solved as soon as possibleotherwise I am afraid of thinking what the future will bring. I urgently need to buy antibiotics called Vifend. If I take this treatment course, I will survive. I want to live! Im grateful to you for your support in advance!

Kristina read me this message aloud before it was published. Her desperate words of hope sent shivers down my spine. These words are full of so much pain and cry for helpDear friends, dear readers, we are asking you to help this young lady! This battle for life can be only won by someone strong and Kristina is this sort of a person who is fighting against all odds! Lets support this brave girl together!

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