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Walking Tour Ц the Best Present for Graduating Orphans

Your kindly donated 24 US dollars can present an orphan an unforgettable walking tour around the Crimea!

Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2013-06-06 19-00-00 Viewed, times: 2219
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Dear Friends,

Thanks to your loyal support our Klubok tourist project keeps on bringing orphans great joy of traveling as well as communication with nature and each other! The previous May was pretty eventful. June, however, is going to be even more exciting!

From 14-18th of June 2013 we are planning a walking tour around the Crimean Mountains for eighteen orphans from the Zaporizhzhia Orphanage Center (the former Orphanage # 3). This walking tour will be the best present for the ninth grade students. Sixth and eighth grade students will also join our trip.

The walking tour schedule is going to be full of interesting and adventurous events. The children will see a cave town Eski-Kermen, Chelter cloister, and stay overnight at the 5th Balka touristic site. Later they will hike to Balaklava and will enjoy a boat trip to Cape Aya Reserve.

During the whole walking tour the young tourists will be accompanied and assisted by the volunteers of the Happy Child charity foundation as well as the tutors of the New Hope Center who are running a socialization project for the graduating orphans.

Inspired by our previous experience weТre happy to tell you that each walking tour brings children lots of memorable impressions they will carry through life.

WeТre actively preparing for our walking tour and we really need your kind support with food and trip expenses. The four-day trip of one orphan costs only 24-37 US dollars (the rates may slightly vary depending on the childТs age and the fare cost). You can also support our walking tour by providing us with some food items (cans, sweets, buckwheat, rice, cheese, etc.) or managing our equipment (fixing tentsТ zippers and arcs, washing and repairing sleeping bags, etc.) Our old tents are currently being repaired, so we urgently need to buy two new tents.

You can also take part in our walking tour as a volunteer by covering your own costs and donating for a trip of one orphan. We are glad to answer all your questions. Feel free to email us: info@klubok.org.ua or call us +38 (066) 513 34 35 +38 (066) 513 34 35



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