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Kiril Leskov: Your Support is Urgently Needed!

There are only two days left before June 17th and Kirils parents cannot raise 625 US dollars for his surgery. Help this sweet little fellow, please! He wont make it alone

Author: Alina Senjuk, translated by Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2013-06-15 11-00-00 Viewed, times: 2138
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It has been more than a year since we shared Kiril Leskovs story with you. This little fellow is truly unique! One look is enough to fall in love with Kiril forever. Just look at his picture and you will feel the same. I have not met this little boy personally yet but even his photos alone steal my heart right away.

Last year we successfully closed Kiris fund-raising campaign. We really believed that his health condition would improve soonbut alasThis week we have received an email from Kirils parents. The latest health examination showed that the childs condition has deteriorated. The physicians strongly recommend an urgent surgery that involves inserting the tube which will hopefully drain Kirils only functional kidney.

Without the surgery little Kiril will have to carry a urethra device for the rest of his life!!!

According to the preliminary calculations this surgery will cost approximately 5,000 hryvnyas or 625 US dollars. The surgery is planned to take place at the Zaporizhzhia Childrens Hospital # 5 on the 17th of June 2013. We have no time to lose! Kirils mom and dad have no one they could ask for help but you, our kind donors!

There is another anus correction surgery planned for autumn as well since Kiril was born with imperforate anus. This little boy had to face a great number of surgeries. Nappies and medicine are an essential part of Kirils life.

Kirils mother Tatiana is still jobless since she has to look after her little son. Kirils father is the only person who works in their little family. They urgently need to raise 625 US dollars, so we are hoping for your kind support! These 625 US dollars mean life for this fair-haired boy.

If Kiril does not undergo this surgery which is supposed to empty his kidney, the consequences can be terrible. We are all asking you to give Kiril a chance for life, for his happy childhood!

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