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Childrens charity Whizz-Kidz launches free app to help thousands more disabled children

The childrens charity Whizz-Kidz have launched an iPhone and Android app to support its mission to transform the lives of disabled children

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The childrens charity Whizz-Kidz have launched an iPhone and Android app to support its mission to transform the lives of disabled children.

The App is the latest in a series of innovations by the dynamic childrens charity. For the first time, young wheelchair users will be able to use their mobile phones to support them getting vital mobility equipment faster and to access training and work placements that will enable them to be more confident and independent. Theyll be able to do all this using the smartphone app, at the touch of a button, wherever they are.

Whizz-Kidz CEO, Ruth Owen said: There are an estimated 70,000 disabled children and young people in the UK currently waiting for appropriate mobility equipment, so it is vital that we use all available channels to reach them.

At Whizz-Kidz, we are relentlessly focussed on our users and the App is the latest in a series of Whizz-Kidz innovations which seeks to give disabled kids the childhood they deserve and a future full of potential.

The App will help Whizz-Kidz to reach more people and let them know about Whizz-Kidz services: whether thats applying for mobility equipment or accessing one of our added value services ambassador clubs, wheelchair skills training, work placements and residential camps.

The Whizz-Kidz App features all the power chairs, manual chairs and buggies available through Whizz-Kidz, along with ratings given to them by other wheelchair users. Once a disabled child or young person has received their mobility equipment, they can add their own review too.

The Whizz-Kidz App links to the online application process, which allows users to submit detailed and accurate information about their mobility needs. The Whizz-Kidz App harnesses the location of users to offer them fundraising and volunteering opportunities near them.

The Whizz-Kidz App can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or the Android Store by searching Whizz-Kidz or by clicking on the links below:

This app follows other initiatives to improve disabled young peoples independence and choice, such as Whizz-Kidzs Child in a Chair in a Day which means that in 70% of routine cases children are able to take their equipment home on the day of assessment. This is supported by its Man in a Van mobile solution which assesses and delivers equipment at the users convenience.

Whizz-Kidz transformed the lives of more than 3,000 disabled children and young people in the last year by providing appropriate wheelchairs at the right time, and opportunities to meet, have fun, work and learn key skills for life.

You can follow @WhizzKidz on Twitter

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