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Anna Anedchenko, born in 2012 neuroblastoma of the posterior mediastinum

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thank you so much for your kind financial support! After the chemotherapy course Anna will have to undergo surgery in Kyiv. Thanks to you her parents have enough money to do that!

Author: Alina Senjuk, translated by Elena Guda, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2013-09-02 20-00-00 Viewed, times: 2447
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Anna Anedchenko, born 28.03.2012

Diagnosis: Neuroblastoma of the posterior mediastinum.

ATTENTION (25.09.2013).:
The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thank you so much for your kind financial support! After the chemotherapy course Anna will have to undergo surgery in Kyiv. Thanks to you her parents have enough money to do that!

I am a mom of two children: the elder is three years old, the younger is only sixteen months. It happened so that my younger daughter is seriously ill; she is suffering from cancer. Chances for her recovery exist; there are many medications that can allow my little child to forget about existence of hospital wards, people in white gowns and pain above all but we do not have money for them, and this is a big problem for our family, Marina shares her concern with us.

Starting from Annas 16 weeks of age Marina started to notice the childs severe cough. She went to the hospital at once. At first, during examinations, Anna was diagnosed with pneumonia, acute viral infection and bronchitis. The doctor in charge also insisted on the X-ray examination during which Annas heart problems were detected and the child got one more diagnosis: heart valvular defect. After this, the girl with her mother were sent to the Zaporozhye regional clinical hospital for examination. At the time no one was aware what the outcome of the examination would be

In the ZRC Hospital Anna was given the final diagnosis: neuroblastoma of the posterior mediastinum. Urgently, she was appointed an operation on elimination of the tumor, because it was totally displaced to the right lung, lay heavy on the bronchial tubes resulting in severe cough accompanied by vomiting. Serious tachycardia was starting to develop and the tumor was impacting the heart.

After the operation, histologic anatomy was conducted and it showed that the tumor was malignant. Kiev Cancer Institute, in which Marina and Anna are given consultations, prescribed the girl 4 courses of chemotherapy; at present two of them are already completed.

I am grateful to the Zaporozhye doctors. The hospital has a lot of medicines to fight this disease; but some of them, those which are expensive and hard to find are absent in the hospital and we have to obtain them ourselves. My financial position unfortunately is a complete disaster at present and I have no one else to turn to.

Unfortunately, cancer is a group of diseases very difficult to fight against. Only at the complex availability of money, strength and belief one can achieve success and DEFEAT the disease. But this is only possible if all the three components are joined! Independently neither money no strength or belief will help. The Anedchenko family already has two of the components, please help them to obtain the third one the finances.

The family lives in Zaporozhye.

Telephone of the Annas mother Marina: +38 098 918 12 94.

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06.06.2014Vladislav ChUkraine16.88 US dollars
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Total sum of received donations 1798.89 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
15.10.2015Computed tomography of the abdomen with contrast and chest70.34 US dollars
16.04.2015MSCT thorax and mediastinum, abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space with intravenous contrast60.85 US dollars
11.12.2014Spiral computer tomography of a chest cavity with intravenous contrasting42.77 US dollars
14.11.2014Computed tomography of the chest with contrast43.21 US dollars
18.08.2014Payment reanimobile26.77 US dollars
18.06.2014Spiral computed tomography of the abdomen with contrast and chest cavity98.92 US dollars
29.05.2014computed tomography of the chest29.75 US dollars
07.05.2014Buying drugs: Doxorubicin17.17 US dollars
07.05.2014Medications: dacarbazine Medak72.14 US dollars
06.05.2014Acquisition of the drug Topotecan 549.28 US dollars
06.05.2014Medications: Dacarbazine-Medak Tropisetron 2 Pack95.09 US dollars
02.04.2014Purchase 2 bottles of the drug topotecan307.94 US dollars
13.03.2014Spiral computed tomography of the chest with intravenous contrast71.75 US dollars
19.12.2013SKT in the abdomen with intravenous contrast and chest without contrast146.38 US dollars
25.11.2013Trip to Moscow mIBG-scan1125.99 US dollars
21.10.2013Huggies ultra 4 girls have. 2 Pack, Potassium Chloride conc. 7.5% 10ml 20 vials, Diaper Seni Soft Basic Pack 3, Polioksidoniy por.liof.0.006g 2 Pack168.65 US dollars
17.09.2013tomography of the abdomen with intravenous contrast and chest without contrast146.38 US dollars
17.07.2013Computer-helical CT of the abdomen and thorax without contrast146.38 US dollars
21.03.2013TCS edged abdomen and chest cavity146.38 US dollars
15.03.2013SKT abdominal organs and chest cavity146.38 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 3512 US dollars

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