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PHOTO-REPORT: Volunteers from Zaporozhye presented a holiday to little patients of the local childrens hospital

The children who missed "The day of knowledge" danced and sang together with the volunteers

Author: www.061.ua, translated by Iryna Koval, www.061.ua Published: 2013-09-18 11-30-00 Viewed, times: 1787
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On Sunday, the 1st of September, the first bell rang for Zaporozhye schoolchildren. The little patients of the regional hospital had to miss the beginning of the school-year. But they also were not left without a celebration - the "Happy Child" charity foundation with kind support of the "Angels" volunteer group have given joy and fun to the children.

"The idea to visit the hospital appeared after we understood that all the children enter school on the 1st of September. The beginning of the school-year is celebrated even in the boarding schools and orphanages. But those children, who are ill now, can't enjoy this day, but they also want to have fun. Therefore we decided to visit them", - shared Yury Vdovtsov, a volunteer of the "Angels" organization.

The yard, decorated with bright balloons, and loud energetic music created positive mood in itself. But of course the main charge of positive emotions were the volunteers themselves, who captivated children by fiery dances. At first children were a little bit shy, but afterwards they repeated all the moves gaily.

"It's already the second year in sequence when the "Happy child" performs the 1st of September celebration in the hospital's yard of the regional childrens' hospital. It has become a good tradition. Last year the children, who participated in the celebration, had significant positive changes in their health status; it is the reason why we continue our activity in this direction too. We will continuously try to rejoice kids by our celebrations, and not only on the day of knowledge"- Olga, an employee of the Happy child" foundation, said.

Besides, a local singer Vita performed for the children, with whom they sang a popular song "Oh God, what a man" in chorus. After that another present waited for the kids - a performance of "Street athletic group" athletes, who surprised everyone by their skills.

Childrens' parents were also happy with such initiatives.

Positive emotions' charge was received not only the patients, but parents and hospital staff.

"We are very grateful to the volunteers, who created wonderful mood for children and to us, parents, too. Though the day was cloudy, the sun even started to shine during the celebration. That's why it was a real holiday! There should be more such activities - Svetlana Kondrat, whose daughter undergoes treatment in one of the hospital's departments, considers.

At the end of the celebration the children received small gifts - copybooks and pens. After that guests visited the bed-patients, who also received some presents.

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