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"40 Glances from the orphanage": the photo project of a Crimean blogger

A Crimean photo-blogger Sergey Anashkevich made a series of portraits of orphans

Author: Ukrainian Pravda. Life, translated by Oksana Nikolenko, life.pravda.com.ua Published: 2014-02-07 11-00-00 Viewed, times: 1767
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A Crimean photo-blogger Sergey Anashkevich made a series of portraits of orphans.

The pupils of Sevastopol orphanage number 1 were the characters of this project.

"40 Glances from the orphanage" – is called this way because of children's eyes looking into the camera.

"40 Glances from the orphanage" is not the first photo report, which he does involving orphans in his hometown.

These children, as blogger reported in comments Ukrainian Pravda Life, he photographs on various occasions for several years.

Most of them, according to the photographer, are social orphans that mean they have living parents.

"This series of portraits, rather, glances; I intentionally decided to show separately from the large post on the preparation in the orphanage for the New Year.

Why? Because of these children's eyes. You can’t see them calmly.

They are filled with sadness, sorrow, please, strength, joy, hope ... They penetrate you and then you remember these glances for a long time"- as Sergey explains the appearance of a separate project about children's glances.

More portraits included in the photo report, you can see here.

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