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The volunteers from Zaporozhzhye bring smiles to children from the Chernigov orphanage

The representatives of the "Child's Smile" foundation arranged master shops for the children

Author: Oksana Sanfirova, translated by Oksana Nikolenko, www.061.ua Published: 2014-02-11 10-30-00 Viewed, times: 2181
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Volunteers visited the Chernigov orphanage to share with them a piece of their time and warmth. This trip was organized by the representatives of the "ChildТs Smile" foundation, the 061 informs.

There are currently 130 orphans in the Chernigov orphanage: the children aged from 6 to adults. Many of them have very difficult diagnoses what means they really need attention and care. There is also a "Happy Home" Ц a family-based house for nine boys with special needs, where they can feel the warmth of hearth and get an opportunity for personal development.

The meeting began with fun atmosphere brought by clowns. The most active children easily came into the game with the guests, arranging a comic battle with balls. At the same time, volunteers and pupils of the orphanage made the acquaintance and communicated with each other. Children truly reached out the guests: "What's your name?", "And I have a birthday today".

"Children with disabilities do not hide their emotions - if they are happy, then they are happy truly and sincerely, if they are frustrated Ц they express it very explosively and fiercely. Healthy kids, like adults, can sometimes " dress " social masks or hide their emotions or express emotions which are not real, because "it is necessary", - says one of the volunteers, Anna.

After a bit of fun in the game room, volunteers with children moved into the training room to carry a work shop on felting. Supervised by an adult each of the guys created their own little masterpiece. Someone had a cat walking on a footpath, and someone - a flower garden with the sun shining brightly. After the work shop the guys proudly showed their articles: everyone wants to be appreciated and approved.

Unfortunately, the Chernigov orphanage is far from Zaporozhzhye and it takes much time to get there from the regional center. Therefore, the volunteers come here rarer than they would like to.

Photos by Oksana Sanfirova

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