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The February Report of the Works Done in the Chernigov Childrens Home in Kalinovka in 2014

Last month we completed the construction works to build the second Happy Home. Thank you for your help!

Author: Maria Semashkina, translated by Anna Oliynyk, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2014-03-13 14-00-00 Viewed, times: 2298
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On February 5th, there was the first meeting of the community council held at the Childrens home in Kalinovka, with the main topic under discussion being the transfer of bedridden little patients to Kirovo Orphanage, which, according to the officials of the social security department in the Zaporozhzhye region, should become reality as soon as in May 2014.

For six months, we have a massage specialist working in Kalinovka. Our Foundation is able to pay for the massage services thanks to the financial support of Mayas Hope Foundation. In this period some children learned to sit, started crawling, some of them are learning how to walk. Besides, a rehabilitation specialist helps Artem from Kalinovka move around using a walking stick. We really hope that after a course of massage and regular physical exercises this boy will finally be able to walk on his own.

We also have an adult instructor working at the site. Now this work is done by our new employee Natasha. She has got a major in junior school teaching, so she is indeed able to work with her students depending on the level of their development and capabilities. In particular, the instructor does Mathematics with those who are ready for it, and with most other students she does crafts using paper and modelling clay. As for the group of most challenging students, Natasha teaches them to play with toys and interact with each other.

In February we received 7 packages with clothes and toys from Amy and Grant. Now the children from the first Happy Home have their own toy railroad! Thank you!

The meeting of orphanage directors with the officials from the Association of Independent Monitors was held on February 20th. Its participants were discussing the implementation of the national preventive mechanism and the rights of children in the state-run orphanages. We really hope that now orphanage directors will not be afraid to meet the representatives of the Secretariat of the Human Rights Commissioner and will even initiate the development of modern standards in the work with people having special needs.

Last month two children were adopted who lived most of their lives in Kalinovka, spent almost a year in the Velikiy Lug orphanage and in the coming two weeks we expect them to go live in the USA.

The construction works to build the second home in Kalinovka are almost completed now all we need is purchasing house appliances and furniture, setting the door and the second tent, and improving the territory around the building.

As of today, we still have the outstanding payment of almost UAH 80 000 (approximately 8,171 US dollars) for the construction works. Besides, we need UAH 50 000 (approximately 5,107 US dollars) for the furniture and about UAH 13 000 (approximately 1,327 US dollars) for household appliances. So, to open the door of their new home to 9 girls in April, we still need your support very much, so that our joint efforts help us make the final step towards the childrens dream coming true. Thank you!

Educators Work Report:

The instructor Sophia Sh. taught children from the Happy Home to count using counting sticks. Artem N. from the same group memorized three poems dedicated to the Womens Day together with the instructor Valentina K. Besides, Valentina K. practiced gymnastic exercises with children.

As for the group of children who have to stay in their beds, Raisa G. taught Danil K. and Nastya M. to distinguish colors. With the help of instructor, Sasha K. is learning to make his first steps at the age of 19. Raisa also teaches Varvara D. to hold her spoon and eat without anyones help. Olga M. taught Olya R., Angela G., Roma M. and Sasha K. from the same group to play patty-cake. Many children from this group have learned to give a pen at the teachers request. Some of them know how to show bye-bye. Olya R. from this group is learning to drink from a cup.

The current needs of Kalinovka as of 12 March 2014:

1. Household appliances for the Second Happy Home
2. CDs with the sounds of nature and music for children
3. Musical toys
4. Book "Applique with young children" by Yanushko
5. Book "Preschoolers on a stroll" by Suhar
6. Threads for knitting
7. Big batteries
8. Copybooks for Writing and Mathematics
9. Colored wool
10. Big wind ball
11. Crepe paper
12. Carton paper (40 x 30 or 50 x 50)
13. Acrylic lacquer
14. Dragon glue
15. Colored napkins
16. Medical plaster
17. Picture frames, size A4 and 13x18
18. Photo wall-paper
19. Binders
20. Mathematics text books for the first-year students
21. DVD
22. Manicure scissors

Thank you for your help and your moral support, remember that we are the only ones who can help those children and grown-ups! Every dollar and every minute of your attention towards those special children are as good as gold. Do good!