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Nikita Dudkin, born in 2011 Ц Retinoblastoma

Fundraising is closed! Thanks indifferent to the donor, the family was able to pay the entire bill for the current stage of treatment. After examination in the end of June, the new treatment protocol to be appointed.

Author: Alina Senjuk, translated by Anna Oliynyk, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2014-05-21 20-50-00 Viewed, times: 5726
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Nikita Dudkin, born on 3rd December 2011

Diagnosis: Retinoblastoma.

ATTENTION! ON ON 09/02/2015 AS of: Fundraising is closed!!
Thanks indifferent to the donor, the family was able to pay the entire bill for the current stage of treatment. After examination in the end of June, the new treatment protocol to be appointed.

Nikita DudkinТs mother is asking for your help:

Our little Nikita is two years old. His diagnosis is terrible Ц retinoblastoma. Nikita passed treatment in Hadassa clinic in Israel. Since March 2013 doctors are trying to save his vision. The first treatment stage included six chemotherapy courses, which unfortunately did not bring the desired outcome, and the aggressive tumor continued growing. Following the examination, we were offered to continue treatment with radiation. The prognosis of the boy being cured with such treatment is 80%. For five and a half weeks, Nikita received radiation treatment with anesthesia every day.

Please help with raising money for the treatment of my son in Swiss Clinic in Lausanne, Hospital Ophtalmique Jules-Gonin.

Recently our financial situation is becoming even tenser. And our boy needs further treatment. Our family feels lost. It is a very difficult period for us. I am asking you to help us save our little boy! Tears, sleepless nights, ongoing overwhelming fear for his life Ц this is all a price we pay for this little sweetheart to further bring joy to our lives, being able to see this world with his own eyes. I would give everything for his eyes to see the sun, the sky, the green leaves on the trees, for my boy to be full of joy and health. I am sure that there are people who will be able to understand my feelings and help! Since March 2013, doctors are fighting to save the boyТs vision. The first stage of treatment included 6 chemo courses, then radiation, when for 30 days the boy under anesthesia received a daily dose of radiation. Though, this treatment did not prove to be successful. The tumor is very aggressive. Now we have been offered to try intra-arterial chemotherapy. This treatment is very expensive, we were given an invoice for 74,800 francs ($84,524). And the treatment may in no way be interrupted as it leads to irreversible consequences. So the situation is critical!

Little Nikita has been still struggling for his life and we all can give him a hand!

The amount of money that needs to be collected before March 2016, as of today (09.10.2015) is 28,000 USD. Please support little Nikita!

The family lives in the town of Melitopol.

Contact phone number of NikitaТs mother: +38 068 414 69 67.

For any additional information, you may also contact staff of the Happy Child Foundation

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
10.05.2017Rostislav SUkraine4.53 US dollars
14.03.201641001361796992Ukraine4.22 US dollars
09.02.2016Nemetskoe yndustryalnoe representationUkraine19.32 US dollars
11.01.2016JSC "Dneprospetsstal"Ukraine212.74 US dollars
02.01.2016Skorohodov S.Ukraine10.42 US dollars
27.11.2015NinaUkraine4.09 US dollars
26.11.2015VitalinaUkraine4.21 US dollars
02.07.2015Tatyana MarushchakUSA195.3 US dollars
05.06.2015Skorohodov S.Ukraine7.06 US dollars
05.06.2015Yena A.Ukraine1.04 US dollars
29.05.2015Elena K.Ukraine13.86 US dollars
03.04.2015JeanneUkraine4.14 US dollars
16.03.2015MariaUkraine22.97 US dollars
28.02.2015BogdanUkraine3.47 US dollars
27.02.2015LudmilaUkraine1.73 US dollars
05.01.2015JinnUkraine7.68 US dollars
22.12.2014Nastya Sch.Ukraine12.33 US dollars
16.12.2014VitalinaUkraine6.33 US dollars
25.11.2014Vyacheslav K.Ukraine9.94 US dollars
17.07.2014JeanneUkraine8.53 US dollars
26.06.2014Xenia N.Ukraine92.02 US dollars
23.05.2014E.L.Ukraine1.69 US dollars
08.05.2014Oleg V.Ukraine34.5 US dollars
07.05.2014Natalia ј.Ukraine8.58 US dollars
24.04.2014Catherine N.Ukraine17.06 US dollars
23.04.2014JeanneUkraine8.6 US dollars
22.04.2014Pavel S.Ukraine2222.72 US dollars
17.04.2014AnonymousUkraine8.89 US dollars
16.04.2014AnonymousUkraine0.43 US dollars
14.04.2014OLEG –.Ukraine11.5 US dollars
13.04.2014PavelUkraine14.06 US dollars
11.04.2014Ukraine8.59 US dollars
09.04.2014VITALIY L.Ukraine25.13 US dollars
17.03.2014Alvin S.Ukraine15.55 US dollars
14.03.2014O. Y.Ukraine10.55 US dollars
08.03.2014Oleg B.Ukraine10.65 US dollars
08.03.2014Anna R.Ukraine10.6 US dollars
06.03.2014JeanneUkraine5.24 US dollars
03.03.2014mickUkraine0.92 US dollars
03.03.2014AnonymousUkraine10.31 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 3071.51 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
19.01.2016Treatment in the Swiss clinic219.18 US dollars
08.10.2015Treatment in a Swiss clinic193.88 US dollars
18.06.2015Continuation of treatment in the Swiss clinic Hopital Ophtalmique Jules - Gonin 61.89 US dollars
24.12.2014A survey in the Swiss clinic107.8 US dollars
17.07.2014Treatment in Swiss clinic179.19 US dollars
25.04.2014Treatment in the Swiss clinic Hopital Ophtalmique Jules - Gonin2310.42 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 3072 US dollars

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