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Michail Rudenko, born in 2012 - portal hypertension

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to you, our kind donors, Michail will undergo his surgery in a Moscow clinic soon

Author: Alina Senjuk, translated by Izabella Balakirsky, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2014-04-12 07-30-00 Viewed, times: 1609
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Mikhail Rudenko, born September 19th, 2012

Diagnosis: Portal hypertension, pre-hepatic form, esophageal varices (stage I), spleen hypertrophy.

ATTENTION (7.04.2014).:
The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to you, our kind donors, Michail will undergo his surgery in a Moscow clinic soon!

Little Mikhail was growing and developing just like any other healthy baby, but in June 2013, routine blood work showed very low levels of hemoglobin and platelets. During the following seven months, we increased the hemoglobin by giving him iron-containing medications, but the platelet level fell even lower...

We then went to the cancer department of the Zaporozhzhye Region Children's Hospital, where our son had a diagnostic work-up done and was transferred to the surgical department. The cause of all these problems was found to be the obstruction in blood drainage from the spleen, due to the cavernous malformation of the portal vein.

As a result, his platelets are low, and both spleen and liver are enlarged; but the most dangerous thing about all this is a high risk of internal bleeding. Mikhail had an EGD (under anesthesia, the doctors looked at his upper gastrointestinal tract on the computer screen), which confirmed the diagnosis - the veins in the esophagus and stomach are dilated, not all the blood from the spleen goes directly to the liver; instead, some of the blood goes into the veins in the esophagus and the stomach, creating high pressure in those veins.

Every passing day increases the risk of internal bleeding, but there is a solution - surgery in a specialized Moscow clinic, which is willing to accept Mikhail's case.

Hospital admission and treatment will cost 180 thousand rubles, or 60 thousand hryvnyas - approximately 4,538 US dollars (that is not counting the transportation and living costs for Mikhail's parents for the two weeks in Moscow), but even this sum is greater than the annual income of Mikhail's parents.

We need to raise the money immediately, because the hospital admission is scheduled for April 21st, 2014!

Please help us save little Michail's life.

This family lives in the city of Zaporozhzhye.

Phone number of Mikhail's mother, Yulia: +38 099 933 50 57.

You can also obtain additional information from the staff of the "Happy Child" Foundation

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
09.03.2017AnonymousUkraine2.06 US dollars
20.04.2014Zolotarevа A.Ukraine17.72 US dollars
19.04.2014Alyona S.Ukraine13.29 US dollars
18.04.2014Irina N.Ukraine17.81 US dollars
17.04.2014ALEXANDER D.Ukraine2221.81 US dollars
17.04.2014AnonymousUkraine8.89 US dollars
16.04.2014Yuliya Sh.Ukraine175.5 US dollars
16.04.2014AnonymousUkraine1.7 US dollars
15.04.2014Svetlana I.Ukraine26.89 US dollars
13.04.2014DOLETSKAYA I.Ukraine15.83 US dollars
09.04.2014Anna R.Ukraine16.75 US dollars
07.04.2014AnonymousUkraine4.25 US dollars
07.04.2014Angela M.Ukraine85.4 US dollars
03.04.2014Оlya S.Ukraine9.08 US dollars
03.04.2014AnonymousUkraine1.73 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 2618.71 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
18.04.2014The operation in Moscow356.27 US dollars
18.04.2014The operation in Moscow2226.7 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 2583 US dollars

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