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The May Reports on our Works Done in the Childrens Home in Kalinovka in 2014

Three children have been adopted and the girls have finally moved into their new home - these are our May's successes in Kalinovka

Author: Maria Semashkina, translated by Anya Gvozdyeva, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2014-06-21 11-00-00 Viewed, times: 2404
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In May three more kids were adopted from the Kalinovka orphanage: namely, severily disabled bedridden Andrey and two boys from our first "Happy Home - Oleg and Maxim. The family arrived to the US a few days ago and children will go to school soon. Although Andrey will have a dedicated tutor, he will also be taken to school like others.

Andrey, Maxim, Oleg

Last week of May we finally managed to move the girls to their new home. It is currently being transformed into a comfortable place to live: a TV set, a kettle, toys and stationary have been purchased already.

Katya, Katya, Miroslava

May saw the end of the bedridden era in Kalinovka! Most of the bedridden children were transferred to the Kirov orphanage. We are hopeful they will be looked after better there, since the orphanage is just 10km away from the district hospital and it has its own pediatrician and psychiatrist. Right now Kalinovka only has two "Happy Homes" full of children, whereas other residents of the orphanage are all adults. However, they also require assistance with care, trips and leisure activities.

At the moment there is only one caretaker assigned to all the adults that is paid for by the Happy Child charity foundation. With your help we could employ more people, so that young people in the countryside have something to do other than getting bored and having limited options to do agricultural work.

On 13-14th May Foundation's psychologist Daria Dubenko held a training session for the orphanage employees on the prevention of emotional exhaustion. The session covered the essence and causes of emotional exhaustion when working in an orphanage and provided the attendees with methods of relaxation and de-stress.

The tutors accomplishments

In the second "Happy Home Olga M. assisted Larisa with reciting poems and colouring in pictures with Katya.

In the first "Happy Home" Natasha M. helped Artyom N. with maths and drawing using a grid. She also did some puzzles, toy blocks and to learned some animals using blocks with Alyosha R. The tutor got involved in colouring and plasticine craft with Maxim B. Natasha did Lego and learned some names with Maxim P. She also played badminton with Oleg M. and Frisbee and ball games with Yura Ch.

In the same group of children Sofia Sh. learned the ABC with Artyom N. Atryom is also learning to walk with a cane, whereas previously he would be wheelchair-bound outside and crawling on the floor indoors.

Sasha Z. is being taught numbers 1 to 15 and also spelling - he is copying with words and sentences. Vanya P. who has recently been transferred to the same group, is learning to brush his teeth, make his bed and do some exercises. Sofia also regularly plays football and volleyball with the kids.

Ruslan F. has just learned to write down numbers on request and he can now draw with chalk on the road. All the children get to do bingo with Sofia, and Maxim B. and Yura Ch. are the biggest fans of this. The tutor often makes paper bouquets and trees with children. They even managed to harvest their first small crop of radish that they planted with assistance of their tutor Lilya.

The Current Needs of Kalinovka Orphanage (16.06.2014)
1. PCs
2. Stove
3. Microwave oven
4. Vacuum cleaner
5. CDs with sounds of nature and children's songs
6. Knitting wool
7. Puzzles and educational toys
8. Batteries of large and normal size
9. Musical instruments
10. Copy-books for spelling/handwriting skills and maths
11. Wool in different colours
12. Large inflatable ball
13. Thick cardboard size 40x30cm and 50x50xm
14. Acrylic paints
15. Multicoloured napkins
16. Plaster and bandages
17. Photo frames sizes A4 or 13x18cm, 3d photo frames
18. Photo-wallpaper
19. Mathematics textbooks for Year 1
20. Thread for crochet and crochet hooks
21. Exercise machines
22. Footballs
23. Satin ribbon
24. Socks for children and adults
25. Beads
26. White paint
27. Plant pots
28. Tyres
29. Sealing foam
30. Empty / used large water bottles / crates
31. Wall clocks
32. Water filter
33. Toothbrush holder
34. Air-conditioning unit
35. Blinds and mosquito nets
36. Rug
37. Wall art
38. Deodorants
39. 20 chairs

Thank you so much for your help and constant moral support. Please do remember that someone needs to help these children and adults, and if we don't do it then who will? Every penny and every minute of your time spent on people with special needs really is like gold dust to them. Please do good.