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The October Report on the Works Done in Orphanages for Children and Adults with Special Needs

Meeting on palliative care, session of the community council in Kalinovka and training for staff from three orphanages those were the main events of October

Author: Maria Semashkina, translated by Anna Oliynyk, deti.zp.ua Published: 2014-11-19 15-00-00 Viewed, times: 2353
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In October we purchased feeding bottles, 100 feeding tubes, 30 meters of cheesecloth, 20 meters of waterproof bed covers, bed pads, 100 pairs of rubber gloves, 15 bottles of liquid soap and 10 bottles of baby shampoo for bedridden children in Kirovsky orphanage. Besides, we purchased protein nutrition for children who are fed through feeding tubes for the boys orphanage located in Velikiy Lug for UAH 3,000 (187 US dollars).

We also purchased two electronic thermometers, an oxygen saturation monitor and two heaters for Kalinovka. Apart from that, we continue covering the costs of gas for healthcare needs in Kalinovka, with UAH 800 (50 US dollars) spent for this purpose in October. And, of course, we keep on paying for the doctors work in Kalinovka.

On October 3, we arranged a meeting dedicated to the issue of palliative care to the children of the Zaporozhzhye region. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Social Security and Healthcare Department as well as guests from Kharkov where the palliative care delivered to children is one step ahead of Zaporozhzhye. As a result of this meeting, we still have the same requests to allow the transfer of children with most severe pathologies from Solnyshko Childrens Home to the orphanages of the social security system only when the necessary conditions are created for them is such institutions.

The regular session of the community council was held in Kalinovka on October 6. Apart from other things, the attendees discussed the issues related to health care, the quality of water, the condition of transport for employees, staff training and leisure time of the orphanage residents.

In the last three days of October, a trainer from Lviv held a training session dedicated to atypical behavior of children with special needs in Zaporozhzhye orphanage-childrens home.



The Report of Educators Work in Kalinovka

Sofia Sh. read short texts in the ABC book with Artem N. Sofia also did sums with Sasha Z. using Cuisenaire rods. Besides, the educator keeps doing paper flowers with her students to decorate the premises.


Sasha K. now walks on foot even for his massage sessions.


Lilya K. made lotus, lilac, ashberry and a tree called The Heart of Ukraine with children. With her adult students, she made a birch tree and a wisteria using beads.


Olga M. gathered leaves for handicrafts with girls. The educator learned a poem dedicated to the Day of Social Worker with Larisa. The girls group has already started preparations for the New Year celebration the students learn poems, make decorations and flash lights for the New Year tree.

Zhenya Zh. has learned to set up the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Varya from the same group started responding to her name and coming closer to the one who calls her. The educator also taught Angela to walk and stand with no support.

Natasha M. with Larisa put together a jigsaw puzzle, glued it, and it became the first picture to decorate the wall in the girls' home.

Thanks to the constant attention from the side of the educator, in particular playing with a ball, Zhenya Zh. started making sounds and even managed to say her first word: Mommy.

The Needs of Kalinovka orphanage as of 18 November 2014:

1. developmental toys (construction sets, logical table games)
2. musical instruments
3. sledge
4. training equipment
5. soccer balls
6. socks for children and adults
7. white and pink enamel
8. tires
9. construction (expanding) foam
10. large empty water bottles
11. water filter
12. computers for adults
13. wall paintings
14. deodorants
15. stained glass film
16. record player
17. silicone mat 3 x 4
18. musical toys
19. toothpaste
20. jigsaw puzzles
21. mosaic
22. diapers
23. Dragon glue
24. crepe paper
25. spangles for decorations
26. coloring books
27. acrylic paints
28. stained glass paints
29. acetone
30. linen basket
31. fit ball
32. mugs
33. remote control for LG air conditioner
34. satin ribbon
35. drying rack
36. polymer clay
37. wooden and plastic pins
38. street thermometers
39. cotton swabs
40. mirror
41. hangers
42. batteries 1.5 volt d size, crona 9v
43. PVA glue in one-liter packs
44. red beads, middle-size, 400 g
45. wire No. 4
46. white corrugated tube 2 m
47. staples, sizes 24/6, 26/6
48. silicone forms for magnets made of polymer clay
49. finger paints

The needs of Velikiy Lug orphanage:

dummies, baby feeding bottles
paper towels
mouth rinse
diapers Seni Small, Medium
cervical collar
elliptical trainer
indoor track
pavilion for children's department of the fourth type

We appreciate all previous support and constant encouragement! Remember that we are the ones who can help these children and adults! Each and every dollar and minute of your attention to children and adults with special needs are priceless and as good as gold. Lets do good!



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