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Danil Sukhonos, born in 2002 portal hypertension

Fundraising is closed! We managed to collect 900 USD. of 5700 USD. The missing amount on the operation, intensive care and rehabilitation period promised to pay Rusfond. I sincerely thank everyone for their support!

Author: Alina Senjuk, translated by Anna Oliynyk, deti.zp.ua Published: 2014-12-05 16-20-00 Viewed, times: 4846
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Danil Sukhonos, born on 19th of January 2002

Diagnosis: Portal Hypertension.

Extract from patient card Page 1, Page 2

Medical certificate #1, #2

ATTENTION! ON ON 26/03/2015 AS of: Fundraising is closed!!
We managed to collect 900 USD. of 5700 USD. The missing amount on the operation, intensive care and rehabilitation period promised to pay Rusfond. I sincerely thank everyone for their support!

Danil was the first and wanted child in his family. The boy was born with the weight of 2,550 kg, the delivery was not easy, and doctors had to fight for his life. Afterwards, there was a long and complicated recovery period both for him and for his mother.

Before his first birthday, little Danil was very weak, he had anemia and often got sick with catarrhal diseases. But as time went by, he became stronger, gained weight and was progressing as any normal child.

When Danil was 2.5 years old, he started attending the day care, he really enjoyed going there, was a lively child, loved learning new things and made happy both his parents and educators.

When the boy was seven, he went to school, grinding away at his studies, taking part in all school events. Soccer games and boxing classes were his favorite activities.

But year 2009 ruined the smooth life of the family. Danil found himself in a hospital, with potential diagnosis acute leukemia, systemic blood disease. Fortunately, observations and examinations did not confirm the leukemia diagnosis. Instead, the boy was told he had portal hypertension and before 2014 the boy periodically visited the doctor at his local hospital.

In November 2014, the boy was taken to the Intensive Care Unit, where he was given another diagnosis; thus, portal hypertension was accompanied with variceal bleeding in esophagus and icterus. Ulcer disease, bleeding duodenal ulcer

At the moment, the child is staying in Zaporozhzhye Regional Hospital. His condition is critical. He lost a lot of blood and had a blood transfusion.

Danil urgently needs an expensive surgery in the city of Moscow: according to the preliminary consultations with doctors, the surgery will cost the family about 180 thousand Russian rubles (approximately 3,738 US dollars).

For the ordinary family, with Danils mother being a housewife, looking after the boys younger sister and his father, who is a workman, this is an unmanageable amount. But this money can save the life of their son.

Danils mother asks us for help: We have no time to wait! We pray to find people who can help us. Please help us to save our son, he wants to live so much

The family lives in the city of Volnyansk.

Contact telephone of Danils mother Yanina +38 066 607 36 94, +38 068 498 76 06.

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
15.02.2017VitalinaUkraine6.47 US dollars
07.02.2017Julia S.Ukraine3.69 US dollars
07.02.2017AnonymousUkraine3.59 US dollars
06.02.2017Yuliya D.Ukraine1.85 US dollars
01.04.2015Svetlana B.Ukraine4.15 US dollars
25.03.2015Anna T.Ukraine2.06 US dollars
25.03.2015ChP Dirda N.I.Ukraine4.25 US dollars
24.03.2015AnonymousUkraine3.78 US dollars
24.03.2015PE BOKUDUkraine12.96 US dollars
24.03.2015Tanja B.undefined16.99 US dollars
23.03.2015Petrova I.Ukraine8.51 US dollars
20.03.2015Irina B.Ukraine22.78 US dollars
19.03.2015Natali D.Ukraine4.37 US dollars
18.03.2015Elena.El.Ukraine13.71 US dollars
18.03.2015Anna Ly.Ukraine4.57 US dollars
18.03.2015Lyudmila K.Ukraine9.19 US dollars
18.03.2015William K.USA488.7 US dollars
18.03.2015AnonymousUkraine2.23 US dollars
18.03.2015LyudmilaUkraine9.16 US dollars
17.03.2015Olga .Ukraine2.29 US dollars
17.03.2015AnonymousUkraine4.47 US dollars
16.03.2015NinaUkraine9 US dollars
16.03.2015VictoriaUkraine20 US dollars
16.03.2015MariaUkraine45.94 US dollars
16.03.2015Yuliya M.undefined100 US dollars
16.03.2015Juliane H.France33.58 US dollars
16.03.2015Mariia R.Canada33.58 US dollars
16.03.2015Ruslan K.Ukraine22.49 US dollars
16.03.2015Svetlana D.Ukraine4.5 US dollars
15.03.2015Larisa K.Ukraine5.52 US dollars
15.03.2015Valeriy Kh.USA9.48 US dollars
17.02.2015FOP Veprjev Yurij AleksandrovichUkraine7.97 US dollars
10.02.2015Ukraine20.13 US dollars
04.02.2015PAO Ivano-Dolynskyy spetskarerUkraine11.96 US dollars
02.02.2015Nataliya F.Ukraine1.81 US dollars
02.02.2015Ltd.FalkomUkraine18.58 US dollars
31.01.2015VitalinaUkraine6.02 US dollars
27.01.2015FOP Kozachenko Svetlana AleksandrovnaUkraine6.33 US dollars
24.01.2015Nesterenko A.Ukraine3.21 US dollars
22.01.2015Tat'yana B.Ukraine31.55 US dollars
22.01.2015AnonymousUkraine12.68 US dollars
21.01.2015Anonymous DonorUkraine50 US dollars
21.01.2015tatUkraine30.81 US dollars
21.01.2015NV OOO ZhITOMIRBIOPRODUKTUkraine31.68 US dollars
21.01.2015PC AgroresursUkraine126.71 US dollars
20.01.2015Tanja B.undefined36.02 US dollars
20.01.2015Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine6888.07 US dollars
20.01.2015Ltd. KeramplyusUkraine190.21 US dollars
19.01.2015Ltd. KD LEKTROMASHUkraine31.63 US dollars
17.01.2015AnonymousUkraine37 US dollars
15.01.2015OOO Primeks-NikaUkraine31.7 US dollars
15.01.2015Ltd. PROFMASTERUkraine190.22 US dollars
13.01.2015Ltd.CompanytUkraine63.42 US dollars
12.01.2015Scherbina L.Ukraine6.32 US dollars
12.01.2015AnonymousUkraine3.09 US dollars
12.01.2015Alvin S.Ukraine6.32 US dollars
10.01.2015Victoria Ya.Ukraine12.64 US dollars
09.01.2015Julia S.Ukraine6.35 US dollars
09.01.2015O. Y.Ukraine6.36 US dollars
07.01.2015Irina R.Ukraine3.78 US dollars
06.01.2015AnnaUkraine6.16 US dollars
31.12.2014Viktor S.Ukraine12.68 US dollars
30.12.2014Viktoriya K.Ukraine31.55 US dollars
22.12.2014AnonymousUkraine12.68 US dollars
19.12.2014Snow_IrbisRussia5 US dollars
18.12.2014Brian W.undefined25 US dollars
15.12.2014VitalinaUkraine6.19 US dollars
14.12.2014UR6QW Ukraine6.41 US dollars
12.12.2014Tat'yana P.Ukraine3.2 US dollars
09.12.2014Oleg G.Ukraine6.25 US dollars
04.12.2014Aleksandr B.Ukraine19.93 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 8921.45 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
09.03.2017Payment for surgical treatment in the clinic OKHMATDET Kiev74.19 US dollars
30.12.2016Spiral computed tomography (CT) of the abdomen organs with intravenous contrast47 US dollars
18.03.2015Payment long-distance calls. (Moscow)18.87 US dollars
16.03.2015Medicines and carrying out operation in clinic of Filatov1148.37 US dollars
13.02.2015The operation in the City Clinical Hospital 13 named. OM Filatov199.21 US dollars
13.02.2015Fee for transfer of funds in foreign currency15.94 US dollars
11.02.2015Telephone services2.04 US dollars
10.02.2015The operation in the City Clinical Hospital 13 named. OM Filatov1686.62 US dollars
06.02.2015The operation in the City Clinical Hospital 13 named. OM Filatov5991.08 US dollars
03.02.2015Purchase of train tickets for treatment in Moscow141.61 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 9325 US dollars



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