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The Zaporozhzhye Region Opens Its Doors to Children

On December 16, the Happy Child Foundation and Hope and Home for Children Held a Charitable Business Lunch

Author: Sonia Koshkina, translated by Anna Oliynyk, deti.zp.ua Published: 2014-12-23 12-50-00 Viewed, times: 1562
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 Надежда и жилье для детей в Украине

For seven years already, on the second Sunday of December, Ukraine celebrates the Charity Day. As you know, in our country charity is the activity of private individuals, corporations and charitable organizations. An important role in this noble area is played by business companies. But the aid they provide does not always give the desired outcomes. Participants of the event discussed the smart charity strategy in the Zaporozhzye region. They came to the conclusion that one of the main criteria of smart charity is the factor of eliminating the cause of problems, not fighting their consequences.

The event was attended by representatives of such companies as Zaporizhstal, Olis, AXA Insurance, Massa, BlagoDent, Mirnenska, Fozzy Group, Grawe Ukraine Insurance Company as well as Zaporozhzhye charities Child’s Smile, Svitlozir, and New Hope.

 Надежда и жилье для детей в Украине

The opening speech at the meeting was pronounced by Director of the Happy Child Foundation, Albert Pavlov. He suggested seven steps to make charity the most effective. Albert Pavlov emphasized that companies should elaborate their own charity policies aimed at elimination the causes of problems. Often companies do not employ any experts who are able to make competent decisions on the priorities of requests for help they receive, so he appealed to corporate sector representatives to cooperate with charitable foundations. It is clearly beneficial as professional charities can overtake all the chain of activities: analysis of the problem, reporting, search for solution and tracking the results.

 Надежда и жилье для детей в Украине

The Opening Doors to Children Campaign may be viewed as an example of “smart” charity. This campaign is implemented by the Happy Child Foundation acting as its regional partner. Life shows that orphanage system does not justify itself as today’s orphanage boys and girls are often born from yesterday’s orphanage boys and girls. Our country uses very few preventive measures which allow saving families and preventing children being taken away from their families. It results in the system reproducing itself. The aim of the Opening Doors to Children Campaign is reforming the existing orphanage system and establishing centers for the support of children and families. The key objective to achieve the aim is strengthening the family form of upbringing for orphans.

 Надежда и жилье для детей в Украине

Anatoly Pustoparov, Head of the Regional Development at Zaporizhstal, presented the corporate vision of smart charity. He also underlined the need for close cooperation among nonprofit organizations, business companies and the government.

It is very important that all business sector representatives agree that charity is something they should be involved in.

According to the representative of the Child’s Smile Charity Foundation, Anna Chernova, another example of “smart” charity may be investing funds in the development and socialization of children living in institutions instead of purchasing gifts, which are often useless.

Maksim Oliferovsky, director of the New Hope Trade School, told about the “smart” charity projects of the School. Thanks to its Canadian partners, the School was able to arrange training for the orphans and alumni of institutions in dairy farming. Besides, in the coming year the School plans to open training courses in various trades and professions for those who do not see themselves in dairy farming. Such courses will allow children acquiring hairdresser’s, sewing and PC user’s skills in three month’s time. Not only orphanage alumni will be able to attend the courses, but also young people from among vulnerable populations. Since this year, a young mother’s club is also functioning at the center for the girls who left orphanages.

 Надежда и жилье для детей в Украине

Tatyana Kaminskaya, director of the Svitlozir Charity told about the importance of prevention activities aimed at preserving vision and avoiding disability. The foundation has become the winner of Zaporizhstal granting program “We are the City” more than once. The charity utilizes the funds received to help veterans and participants of military conflicts to preserve vision.

 Надежда и жилье для детей в Украине

As a result of discussion, its participants decided to continue such meetings in future to share experience and jointly implement the smart charity strategy in the Zaporozhzhye region.

We would like to thank all the people who care and who attended the meeting as well as our donors and volunteers for the support and development of the smart charity in the Zaporozhzhye region.

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