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There Is No Way Back

Please, pray for Kristina! According to preliminary calculations, the amount necessary for the operation ranges between 900 and 1,200 US dollars

Author: Yulia Kulpina, translated by Oxana Burns, deti.zp.ua Published: 2014-12-23 13-30-00 Viewed, times: 959
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Hello, dear readers of this website,

Today Id like to talk to you about Kristina, a very strong and courageous person. I have known this girl since 2010. We met at the Department of Hematology of the Zaporozhzhye Regional Childrens Hospital, and to be honest, Ive tried to remember whether there was a moment if her treatment when everything went smoothly and, unfortunately, I failed. I do not want to give you a long list of all the treatment stages, all details are given here.

When this October I saw Kristinas mothers phone number on my phone display, fear rose up in my heart (because I knew exactly what their family had gone through and I knew for sure that Lena, Kristinas mother, would never call me just to chat). I picked up the phone and my fears proved to be correct. From the conversation I learned that Kristina was in the City Hospital #9 and she had a problem with her leg. Until I visited Kristina in the hospital, I couldnt even imagine the full extent of the problem! It turned out that aftereffects of all the recent courses of chemotherapy, transplantation, hepatitis, etc. were just catastrophic... The young beautiful girl has osteomyelitis of the shin bone, simply speaking, her leg is putrefying. If the disease is not treated now, it will result in limping (claudication) or even worse...

It was not possible to help Kristina in Zaporozhzhye, only in Kiev. So we decided on our own risk to go to Kiev. Kristinas mom took her to Kiev (at that moment she had fever and needed dressings daily). I will not describe our entire ordeal in Kiev hospitals, but, miraculously we were helped in the Kiev city hospital #3!!!! It is the bone-purulent unit of this hospital that Kristina can be helped in. Many thanks to the head doctor of that department for his open heart. And so began a new stage in the life of our courageous girl... and as well it was and is a new stage for us, dear donors, who have never left Kristina in trouble. As of today one surgery has already been performed to remove a part of the bone and three operations to install the ultrasonic device that pumps out unnecessary fluid at the place of the surgery. Thus three devices have been installed, each one cost 2,500 UAH (151 US dollars). During the entire treatment period in Kiev about 20,000 UAH (1,200 US dollars) has already been spent, but it is not over yet! Kristina is expecting a second surgery (we believe the final one). During this operation a part of the removed bone will be replaced with the healthy one. The date of the operation is still to be specified.

Please, pray for Kristina! According to the preliminary calculations, the amount of money required for consumables, drugs (a very expensive antibiotic), the above mentioned ultrasonic device, etc., ranges from 15,000 to 20,000 UAH (900- 1,200 US dollars). To be honest, under the current economic circumstances it's frightening to think about such sums, never mind writing, but it's too late for Kristina to rat out!!!

Dear friends,

Life is very hard today and the New Year holidays are coming meaning we are looking forward to laying festive table for our loved ones, giving presents and so on... All this is necessary and important to do... BUT... Today I am begging everyone who is reading this post - do not be indifferent, do not close your eyes to other people's problems... Today we can help Kristina walk and live a normal happy life. So on the eve of such a wonderful holiday of Christmas, when our Savior Jesus was born for us to have hope and future, lets give this hope to Kristina!

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