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Good News about Happy Child Children's Village

Hurrah! On New Year's Eve, we received a grant for the sum of 400,000 UAH from the Ginger Fund. Construction of the first house in the children's village continues at a growing rate! Join now!

Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Oxana Burns, deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-01-08 15-00-00 Viewed, times: 1282
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Everyone enjoys receiving gifts for the New Year and Christmas. On the eve of the New Year of 2015, we received support from Mrs. Ginger Fund (Lviv Education Foundation) in the amount of 400,000 UAH (24,198 US dollars) for the construction of the first house in our Happy Child children's village!!! Many thanks to Mrs. Ginger for the shown confidence! We hope that in the summer of 2015 we will open the "Happy Home - 3", and at least ten orphans, including children with special needs, will be living in a family atmosphere.

This is how the house in the village looks as of January 2, 2015:

And this is how it will look like after the opening:

In the house of about 220 square meters (plus additional 120 square meters of the attic) the construction works on roof are close to completion, all the windows and doors have already been installed, wall partitions have also been built. Now floors are being done at a quick pace, materials for thermal insulation of floors and floor structures have been purchased. The variants of efficient heating system are being studied (probably, one or two solid fuel boilers will be installed).

We keep looking for the family to live in the first house in the village. Please, if you feel that is your call to become such a family - send your resume to info@deti.zp.ua

Everyone can support this project in various ways, for example you can:

- make a feasible donation without leaving your computer (we provide full reporting);
- supply building materials, furniture, computers, bicycles, household appliances;
- carry out some internal work, install bathroom equipment, electrical wiring, etc. (if you can perform such work professionally);
- mount a campaign to support the project;
- put an alms-box;
- participate in planting a garden and ornamental trees Ц approximately, in April 2015;
- assist in purchasing a vehicle for the village Ц a van or a minivan for 9-12 seats, possibly a second-hand one.

We welcome any offers - contact info@deti.zp.ua or make a call +38 066 5133435



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