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"Klubok in Sneakers" Festival (photo report)

On December 6, 2014, tourist project "Klubok in Sneakers" together with industrial complex "Zaporozhstal" held the first children and youth festival "Klubok in Sneakers"

Author: Olesya Kulakova, translated by Oxana Burns, deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-01-23 12-00-00 Viewed, times: 741
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Фестиваль «Клубок в кедах»

Teenagers became the central figures of this occasion. The main idea of this event is all sports are available.

At the festival all the children were given the opportunity to compare different sports and find among them the one they like the most. The kids had a chance to have a word with coaches, participate in workshops and learn some interesting information about the presented sports.

Holiday atmosphere favoured the spirit of competition and passion for sport. The teens tried to show their best performance in all sports and at the same time get lots of positive emotions.

As practice shows, famous sportsmen never decide in favour of a particular kind of sport right away; before they achieve great results, they often try themselves in different sports.

In addition to sporting events, the participants greatly enjoyed an interesting concert program.

Фестиваль «Клубок в кедах»

Фестиваль «Клубок в кедах»

Фестиваль «Клубок в кедах»

We’d like to give thanks to all the friends of the"Klubok" tourist project without whom this holiday would have never taken place.

They are:

New Style Dance Theatre under the direction of Stanislav Konstantinovich Preduschenko;
Zaporozhzhye biking tour club "Veloturist" (cycletourist);
Capoeira Brazilian fight;
"Black Dragon" School of Karate-Do;
Physical culture school of Greco-Roman style (wrestling);
Judo sports school;
Powerbocking - Jumpers;
Theater of fire;
"AngelS" volunteer group
"Rolla Kolo" rollerdrome for presented gifts,
Aqua Fontana for given water.

Thanks to the management of "Zaporozhstal" athletic arena and "Zaporozhstal" industrial complex.

Many thanks to the first-time volunteers, kids who have grown up with "Klubok" - Kostya, Zhanna, Bogdan, Margarita, Sasha, Vitaliy, Alina and Katyusha. Special thanks to Vladimir Naumenko and his team «STREET WORKOUT KINGZ» and Sergey Ovcharenko for the organization and preparation of the event.

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