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Help Natasha Win Her Battle for Life, Please!

Natasha was slowly coming back to her life after a long and exhausting battle against cancer. Now, two years later, the girl is facing a relapse

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Daria Sukach, deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-01-23 22-00-00 Viewed, times: 925
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Natasha was slowly coming back to her life after a long and exhausting battle against cancer. She was learning to enjoy life anewShe truly believed that cancer would never come back. This ambitious young lady was making many plans and goals for the future.

One day Natasha suddenly felt so fatigued and to top it all severe pain in the area of her surgical scar. In the beginning, Natasha tried not to pay much attention to all these worrying symptoms. She just hoped she would be allright soon again. Unfortunately, her hopes were crashed by increasing pains and terrible weakness. The girl soon realized she could no longer stay in uncertainty, so she headed to the city for brain tomography.

The tomography confirmed Natashas fears...Cancer is backThis heartbreaking news was pure shock to the whole family. Natashas mom and younger sister are feeling completely lost. Their only hope are kind donors who have supported them so much before.

This cancer nightmare has become a cruel reality for this brave girl. Natashas health condition has suddenly deteriorated, so she is currently in the intensive care unit. Natashas little sister is temporally staying with her neighbours while her mother is trying to save the life of her older sister. The local physicians were highly concerned about starting a new therapy for Natasha. After a number of consultations and discussions, Natasha went to see some specialists in Kyiv. The latest examination showed that Natasha's tumor is too big for surgery. Surgery would kill her. Although it may kill her, high-dose chemotherapy was chosen as the best alternative. Natasha's life is in her own tender and weak hands. Each coming day depends so much on her will to live and the strength of her body.

I was scared to write you anything about our brave hero last week. The doctors gave her only 10% chance of survival.

Now I can proudly tell you what a brave warrior our Natasha is! Her latest test results have improved. She has made it! Her main challenges are still ahead but what really matters is that shes managing her chemo pretty well so far! Yesterday her mom surprised me with amazing news Natasha, who was previously motionlessly and silently bed-ridden is now able to sit for 15-20 minutes and eat independently! Strong positive mental attitude and prayers create real miracles!

Natashas further treatment progress costs a lot of money her mom does not, alas have. Most of the necessary medications are available in the hospital but there are still lots of expenses to cover chemo drugs, regular bloodworks as well as other vital things of life like fare and food. Natashas mother had again to quit her job to take care of her daughter. The family would be enormously grateful to you for any financial support! They urgently need at least 3,000 hryvnyas 190 US dollars! The future treatment will definitely require much more money, so your help is important!

We honestly hope you will support Natasha with your prayers and kind financial support! Lets help this courageous girl to win her life back!

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