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If we raise EUR 15,500, we will help Liza to promptly start her treatment in Germany

Author: Alina Seniuk, translated by Anna Oliynyk, deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-01-26 15-30-00 Viewed, times: 1070
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Hello everyone,

We have to urgently ask for your HELP! We have very little time, the amount to be raised is big and parents are not able to raise it without our help.

This case is atypical and severe: Liza Tkacheva is nine years old. Her diagnosis is bone eosinophilic granuloma Langerhans cell granulomatosis. This disease is very rare, in young age only 3-4 cases are registered in 1 million children per year.

The brief case history is described below.

In January 2013, Liza felt a sudden pain in her leg (lower leg). First, medical examination in the Zaporozhzhye Regional Clinical Hospital for children failed to define the cause of her pain. A week later, MRI showed a tumor in the girls leg. The doctor determined her diagnosis as Ewings sarcoma. Following doctors recommendations, Liza was referred to the city of Kyiv to the National Cancer Institute where she went through a 6-week examination, with biopsy and diagnostics. The diagnosis Ewings sarcoma was found to be false. After that, the girl was referred to Okhmatdet clinic, where she had a surgery to remove the tumor.

After the surgery, she was diagnosed with Langerhans cell granulomatosis. Lizas leg was covered with plaster and she was discharged from the hospital. The girl went back to her home town of Zaporozhzhye. Her further treatment was delivered in the Regional Clinical hospital for children. Here she underwent all the required examinations, which showed two new tumors in the back bone and in the lungs, with one more tumor found later in the girl's thigh bone. The doctors immediately started a course of chemotherapy.

For two years the course of chemo therapy with VINBLASTIN and Prednisolone does not give any positive outcome. Thus, a decision was made to go to the University Medical Center of Luebeck (Germany), where doctors are capable of curing this rare disease. This is the only chance for Liza to survive and to recover! Thanks to the donations of many good people, we were able to raise money for the diagnosis in the University Medical Center (Luebeck). Professor Lauten (Luebeck) confirmed the diagnosis of the Ukrainian doctors: lesions are present not only in the back bone, in the lungs and in the thigh bone, but also in one of the heels. He insisted that the girl should get treatment in Luebeck, but the Tkachev family did not have enough money to stay in Germany for treatment, so together with Prof. Lauten a decision was made to purchase the medications required for the chemotherapy in Germany and continue the girls treatment in Ukraine.

At the moment, the girl stays at Zaporozhzhye Reginal Clinical hospital for children, in the Hematology Department, with Lizas state being stable but inconsistent.

After 6-week treatment with chemotherapy (prescribed by Prof. Lauten), which is to be completed on 14 January 2015, Liza should immediately go back to the Medical Center in Luebeck (to see the outcomes of the chemo) and stay there for 20-days treatment.

Taking into account very difficult situation in the Tkachev family (there is another serious issue there Lizas grandmother has got aggressive breast cancer), we ask you to help Liza recover and come back to her normal life.

Below you may see the amounts which are to be covered for the treatment to be continued in Germany.

Diagnosis: EUR 7,464, treatment: EUR 15,085.20.

PLEASE HELP save the little girl the dearest treasure her parents have got! Thank you for understanding and we are looking for you support!

The phone number of Kristina (Lizas mother) +380997070354.

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