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Zaporozhzhye Regional Children's Hospital Needs a Portable Ultrasound Machine

The fund-raising campaign is closed. The details are in the article. For the time being there is somewhat less than one such unit is available. The amount in dispute is 31,000 USD

Author: Roman Kirchenko, translated by Oxana Burns, deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-02-24 11-30-00 Viewed, times: 1150
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The update (March 3 2015): The fund-raising campaign is closed. We have been told that the hospital has recently received the ultrasound device from the International Committee of the Red Cross. This is great news! However we should confirm the condition the complete set of the ultrasound.

In the Zaporozhzhye Regional Children's hospital there is only one portable ultrasound machine available and it is counting its last days. It had been used longer than needed, but any equipment has its limits of endurance. It is true that there are a few stationary ultrasound scans in the hospital, but it is not always possible to transport the child to such units. There are some children who are seriously ill and in very bad condition, especially in neonatal resuscitation, as well as other patients in intensive care, surgery, hematology departments. The portable device is required for examination of such children. And when we say that it is required, it is not an exaggeration. Operative examination of "heavy" children is often not just important, it is vital.

Sonoscape S6 is the best ultrasound machine in terms of functionality and cost. This unit proved to be a good one being used in children's hospitals, and it copes with all the tasks in the field of cardiology. Most importantly, with the help of S6 it is possible to examine childТs cerebral vessels effectively and not every ultrasonography scan can do it.

Sonoscape S6 costs $31,000 as a unit (the necessary packaging arrangement), no-frills. As of today it is 837,000 UAH. But it is clear that the price in Ukrainian currency will change due to the exchange rate, but at least we have a fixed price in dollars and it is perfect for this configuration.

The complete set has been agreed with and double-checked by Medical Assistant Director, Department Head and doctors of the hospital and it meets all the requirements for "necessary and sufficient" equipment:

Х SonoScape S6 Portable Ultrasound Scanner
Х Convex probe (frequency range 6-2MHz, aperture - 60 mm)
Х Linear sensor (aperture - 50 mm, frequency range 4,5-16 MHz)
Х the sector phased cardiology probe/ cardiological sensor (frequency range - 2-5 MHz)

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Please help us raise funds to provide seriously ill children of the Zaporozhzhye Regional Children's hospital with the necessary diagnostics. This will be a great help to physicians and enable them to do the most important thing - to save the lives of the children of the Zaporozhzhye region.

P.S. We have recently received 5,000 US dollars for the future portable ultrasound machine! It makes significant contribution to our fund-raising campaign!

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We appreciate your support of the outreach programs for children's hospitals!



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