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"Mum's Holiday" Was a Success!

Beautiful and creative leisure-time which took place last Sunday...

Author: Daria Dubenko and Nadezhda Kucheryaeva, translated by Oxana Burns, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-03-06 12-30-00 Viewed, times: 1126
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Childhood is the foundation of a strong and happy home life. Feelings and emotions which surround the child from his early age, will, as a rule, accompany him in his adult life. We can give others only what we have. Children sense accumulated fatigue and stress, no matter how much parents try to hide or disguise them. We all have so much to do, and we set so many goals and objectives ahead of us. But there are families that have more "special" circumstances and they require maximum involvement and commitment of parents. In such situations, it is especially important for moms and dads not to forget about themselves in this cycle of troubles and concerns.

Mothers, as domestic goddesses, bear responsibility for bringing up children, taking care of family and house. And the love women give, warms the hearts of family members. But sometimes women feel emptiness, fatigue, lack of strength and energy, which affects the lives of the entire family.

Foster mothers, single mothers and mothers of children with special needs, as well as mothers, who needed relaxation, were able to relax, socialize, forget about the heavy load of everyday troubles, get some positive emotions and just relax on Sunday.

The Mother's Rest project and T-Twice dance club which helped a lot by kindly furnished premises. After getting to know each other and having some tea, mothers learned to work with wool and felt.

As a result, in addition to unlocking creativity, each mother brought home a hand-made picture of wool. All handicrafts gladden the eye with warm motifs and bright colors. WeТd like to express gratitude to Snezhana Tsertsvadze and Marina Vasilicheva, our magical masters.

After that Elena Savchenko, a specialist aromalogist, organized an aromatherapy session, which helped to harmonize emotional state and improve general mood. Also participants enriched their knowledge of healing properties of essential oils and how they can be used to avoid the negative effects of stress and improve well-being.

The sound of Tibetan singing bowls gave special magic atmosphere to the event. Mothers not only experienced the influence of fascinating and healing bowl singing, but also learned how to play and make them sound and vibrate. Then they covered mandalas with drawings, which helped capture their new state in picture and color.

At the end of the meeting, mothers admitted that the tension they had come with vanished, and was replaced with relax and quiet. Mothers only wanted to know how to keep this state all the time.

We had a ready answer to this question: regularly visit our psychological and creative groups, take care of yourself, and bring more joy and colors to life!

After all, it is so great to take some time for ourselves, be creative, enjoying the pleasant company, and with renewed forces surround the family with love!

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