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Happy Home-3 – One More Step Towards Zaporozhzhye without Orphans!

Internal works are going on in the third home constructed by the Foundation. For the children to move into this home in summer, we really need the support of volunteers and your donations to cover the cost of works!

Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Anna Oliynyk, deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-03-25 14-00-00 Viewed, times: 1312
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один шаг к Запорожью без сирот

As soon as spring came, the construction works to build the third Happy Home in the children’s village of Ukrayinka intensified. Construction workers completed covering cellar with concrete, set heating radiators, concreted floors in almost all the rooms, finished roofing works, electric wiring in the house, filled low spots on the walls in the sitting room and in two bedrooms, dug a dumb well and started installing the wastewater disposal system.

один шаг к Запорожью без сирот

At the same time, we have utilized almost all the funds earlier raised with the help of our donors and now we really need your support to complete the construction works by summer.

один шаг к Запорожью без сирот

один шаг к Запорожью без сирот

Our tasks for the nearest future are as follows:

- installing the sanitary ware, boilers, launching the heating system;
- setting the dumb well;
- laying the ceramic tile;
- installing wastewater disposal system;
- filled low spots on walls;
- wallpapering, laying laminated flooring;
- winterizing and plastering the facade;
- purchasing and installing lighting devices;
- cementing the terrace, the garden house and the parking place.

один шаг к Запорожью без сирот

Are there any volunteer construction workers able to perform some part of works?

After the construction works are completed, we will need to fill in the house with all the necessary things – beds, kitchen furniture, household appliances, tables for children and adults, computers and a TV set. You can already help us buy the necessary things or give us the things you have used if they are in good operating condition.

So we really hope to find feedback in all those who would like to join the creation of a home which will for many years give hearth and home to orphans, in particular children with special needs.

You can easily help us financially from any corner of the world.

Feel free to contact us: cell phone +38 066 513 34 35 or email info@deti.zp.ua.