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The March Report on the Work Done in Orphanages for Children and Adults with Special Needs

A workshop on soap-making for tutors and a trip to Zaporozhzhye arranged for the people under care of Kalinovka orphanage are the main events of the past month

Author: Maria Semashkina, translated by Oxana Burns, deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-04-21 19-40-00 Viewed, times: 1802
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In March thirty cans of Resource Optimum protein nutrition for children with anemia and adults with dystrophy were bought for Kalinovka orphanage. Also an electrical stimulator was purchased at the request of the doctor in Kalinovka. And, of course, we keep paying to the doctor and a masseur in Kalynivka and buy gasoline to provide transportation of the fosterlings to the hospital. Last month we spent 1,000 hryvnias (41 US dollars) on gasoline. Also in March 600 hryvnias (25 US dollars) was expended for boiler repair in one of the "Happy Homes".

Отчет о работе фонда за марта

Отчет о работе фонда за марта

Although with a little delay but finally Christmas cards and sweets from people of Great Britain came to Kalinovka in March.

Twice we supplied bedridden children of Kirovo orphanage with 45 packages of special meals, 55 syringes and 76 catheters.

On March 10th the dwellers of Kalinovka had a trip to Zaporozhzhye, where they visited the Boguslayev museum of equipment and attended the concert in memory of Taras Shevchenko in the concert hall named after Glinka.

In March three tutors of Kalinovka adult patients were present at the workshop on soap manufacture.

Also in March, we continued working on reformatting Kalynivka "Happy Home" into family type orphanages and today we are looking for a family who is willing to settle down in one of the "Happy Homes" to become foster parents to nine children with special needs.

Отчет о работе фонда за марта

Отчет о работе фонда за марта

Отчет о работе фонда за марта

Отчет о работе фонда за марта

The Report of Educator’s Work in Kalinovka

Olga M. together with other girls baked a cake and made a necklace as a gift to Kate A. for her birthday. Also, the girls together with an educator made of paper a handmade article "Our Hearts Are with Ukraine". Katya Trofimenko from the same group has learned to put together a stacking toy, though she does it only when she wants to. Olga M. together with Larissa K. sewed chair covers.

Отчет о работе фонда за марта

Boys together with Sophia Sh. did the cleaning of the land plots round their house. Also, the children studied the rules of the road with the tutor. Boys and Sofia made crafts – a lamp shade using clothesline and pasted it over with artificial flowers. Also the guys with a tutor’s help painted the spring and summer landscapes.

Boys together with Lilya K made some Easter gifts: chicken - shaped pendants made of salt dough and a picture "A Cat Carrying a Fish" also made of salt dough. In addition, together with Lilya kids made an applique picture of felt and a tree from beads called "Moonlight Sonata", and butterflies made of plastic bottles.

Needs of the orphanage in Kalynivka as of April 17, 2015

1. Toys (construction sets, logic-developing ones)
2. Musical instruments
3. Gym apparatus (training equipment)
4. Footballs
5. Tires
6. Water Filter
7. Computers
8. Pictures on walls
9. Stained glass film
10. Tape recorder
11. Silicone mat (3 x 4)
12. Musical toys (for adults)
13. Large-size jigsaw puzzles
14. Mosaic
15. Corrugated paper
16. Glitters for ornaments
17. Coloring books
18. Acrylics
19. Stained glass paint
20. A laundry basket
21. Remote control for an LG air conditioner
22. Plaster
23. Street thermometers
24. PVA glue
25. Wire No. 4
26. White corrugated tube 2 m
27. Silicone forms for magnets made of polymer clay
28. Finger paints
29. Shelves for flowers
30. Soil
31. Oil and dry pastel
32. Glossy paper for photos and 10 x 15 frames
33. Acrylic putty
34. Mouth freshener
35. PC speakers
36. Balls
37. Floristic sticks
38. Burlap and rope made of it
39. Zigzag fabric scissors
40. White and beige canvas - 1m
41. Batteries finger-type, large, “tablets”
42. Albums
43. Soft-tip pens
44. Watercolors
45. Crayons
46. Toy cars
47. Flashlight
48. Plasticine
49. Raw materials for soap making
50. Polyurethane foam
51. Wormwood tincture
52. Children's hand cream
53. Dragon glue
54. Disposable planting pots
55. The white and black enamel paint - 250 gr cans
56. Black cloth (3 meters), white cloth (2 meters)
57. Padding polyester
58. Toys for a sandbox

Needs of Kirovo orphanage

Air Wick air freshener, replacement units
Medical oilcloth (14 meters)
Blue medical gloves
Bedsore circles
Padding polyester pillows

We appreciate all previous support and constant encouragement! Remember that we are the ones who can help these children and adults! Each and every dollar and minute of your attention to children and adults with special needs are priceless and as good as gold. Let’s do good!



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