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Little Maria Sklyar is fighting cancer! Her life costs 55,000 US dollars!

This brave girl is taking her second round of high-dosed chemotherapy with two more ahead. Maria is taking bone marrow transplant in August. There is a very little time to raise the money!

Author: Eugenia Boyko, translated by Daria Sukach, deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-05-22 13-00-00 Viewed, times: 1065
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Машенька до болезни
Maria before leukemia
Машенька после прохождения первого блока высокодозной химиотерапии
Maria after the first round of high-dosed chemo

“Little Maria badly wants to travel to Egypt. She believes one can enjoy warm weather as well as watermelons there all year long! She dreams of becoming an actress or a TV newscaster" Maria's father tells us about his daughter.

This happy family where everyone loves and respects each other is going through a terrible ordeal. Cancer is testing the strength of these four people: a loving couple and their two treasures – their little daughters.

Little Maria is diagnosed with leukemia. This sunny and joyful girl has turned into a severely sick child within one month. Maria has lost her interest in everything she liked before. Nothing makes this sick girl smile anymore. She can hardly move around and is suffering from many complications such as problems with nervous system. Maria’s mouth cavity has become very much inflamed. Her beautiful lips are now swollen and bleeding. Her tender skin has been dry and peeling. Blisters on Maria’s fingertips also cause her much pain. Constant stomachaches coupled with unstable blood pressure are always torturing this sweet little girl.

Маша и мама Наташа
Maria and her mom Natasha

Dima, Maria’s father, is trying to stay as strong as he can. His heart is bleeding to see his beloved little sweety fading away. However, Dima believes in his little daughter. He believes his faith is spreading among thousands of other people who are not turning their backs on them but giving their hands of help.

Маша с сестричкой
Машенька с сестричкой Викой
Maria and her sister Victoria

“Together we can do everything!” is the ending motto of every update from Maria’s dad about his little brave daughter on social networks. These words work and inspire us with powerful faith.

Машенька и папа Дима
Maria and her dad Dima

Dear friends,

Let’s believe in Maria’s victory together!

This world should not lose such a wonderful little person so early!


The family needs to raise 55,000 US dollars!

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