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The April Report on the Works Done in Orphanages for Children and Adults with Special Needs

In April the Kalinovka residents attended a concert in Zaporozhzhye, opened the hiking season and started making soap

Author: Maria Semashkina, translated by Anna Oliynyk, deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-05-25 16-40-00 Viewed, times: 1810
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Last month we gave 15 Resource Optimum protein nutrition boxes to the orphanage in Velikiy Luh, and took 7 packs of adult diapers from our sponsor who wished to remain unknown to the Kirovsky orphanage. We still pay for the services of a doctor and a rehabilitation professional working in Kalinovka, and every month allocate money to purchase at least 50 liters of gasoline to take our orphanage residents to healthcare facilities of the region.

In April, the adult residents of Kalinovka started making soap. For this purpose, we purchased the required materials for almost UAH 600 (26 US dollars) basis, fragrance components and oils. Besides, thanks to the support of a volunteer from Kharkiv we purchased 6.5 kg of beads for Kalinovka. By the way, in Kharkiv the beads cost twice less than in Zaporozhzhye. Apart from beads, other materials for creative work (such as ribbons, paints, refills for the hot glue gun, felt, etc.) were purchased for almost UAH 2,000 (90 US dollars). Apart from that, another parcel came to Kalinovka from our friend Emmi from Great Britain. So far, we were able to take to Kalinovka the musical toy telephone, which became a sensation among boys for 2 days, and a huge box of color pencils.

The website selling art works from Kalinovka Artkalinovka is now working again, so if you wish, you can buy a little something made by special children and adults for yourself, for your friends or relatives.

In April, the residents of the Happy Home in Kalinovka opened the hiking season. Unfortunately, our pond has somewhat dried, so it will be hard to bathe in it in summer, but we are sure that with your support we will be able to take children to the seaside, at least for a couple of days. It is so close They start talking about the sea back in winter. Well, in fact, though their nearby pond rather looks like a marsh, they still call it a sea

On April 26, children and adults from Kalinovka, invited by the volunteers from Angels, attended the Harmony of Hearts concert. Among those performing at the concert there were Zaporozhzhye music stars and children from local orphanages. Besides, the Ukrainian celebrity Zlata Ognevich was also singing her songs. Though our Kalinovka residents do not know much about celebrities, they really enjoyed this event, just like they enjoy any trip to the civilized world.

Besides, in April we continued our work to create two family-type childrens homes based on Happy Homes. We already have one family with host parents who educate children and we are currently looking for a second family for both of the families to become family-type childrens homes. If you know people who are ready to become parents and educators for special children, please let us know. Thank you!

The Report of Educators Work in Kalinovka

During the classes with Lilya K. children finished the hibiscus made of beads and started making a hydrangea. They also made an amulet doll of bagging and some accessories for her of satin ribbons. Lilya delivered a master class for her colleagues working with girls, so now they can also make flowers of ribbons and felt. Participants of the master class also made headbands for girls. Lilya planted flowers with her boys.

In the same group, Sofia Sh. learned seasons of the year with children using pictures and poems and also played lotto game. Besides, the educator made small men of play dough. Sofia also made pillows with Artem N. and Sasha Z.

Girls together with Olga M. made wreaths, applied ornaments of flowers, and learned to sew buttons on. Besides, girls cooked Easter cakes for the Easter celebration together with their educator.

Needs of the Kirovsky orphanage:

1. developmental toys
2. Montessori education books
3. boxing gloves for children

Needs of the Kalinovka orphanage as of 25 May 2015

1. developmental toys (construction set, logical games)
2. musical instruments
3. training equipment
4. footballs
5. tires
6. water filter
7. computers for adults
8. stained glass film
9. record player
10. silicone mat 3 x 4
11. musical toys (for adults)
12. big puzzles
13. mosaic
14. crepe paper
15. color books
16. acrylic paints
17. stained glass paints
18. laundry box
19. remote control for LG air conditioner
20. plaster
21. outdoor thermometers
22. exercise ball
23. cotton pads
24. PVA glue
25. wire No.4
26. silicone forms for polymer clay magnets
27. finger paints
28. flower shelves
29. soil
30. watering can
31. enamel paper for pictures and frames 10x15
32. breath freshener
33. speakers for computer
34. balloons
35. bagging and bagging rope
36. zigzag scissors for fabric
37. white and beige canvas 1 m
38. AA batteries
39. water colors
40. materials to make soap
41. expanding foam, Dragon glue
42. black fabric 3m, white fabric 2m
43. rubber toys
44. acrylic plaster
45. plastic cups

We appreciate all previous support and constant encouragement! Remember that we are the ones who can help these children and adults! Each and every dollar and minute of your attention to children and adults with special needs are priceless and as good as gold. Lets do good!



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