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Diana Grin, born in 2013 Portal Hypertension

The fund-raising campaign is closed Dianas surgery has been cancelled as her physicians have decided to try some more medicine. Lets hope the girl will get better soon!

Author: Natalia Grin, translated by Anna Oliynyk, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-07-07 13-50-00 Viewed, times: 1111
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Diana Grin, born on 06 November 2013

Diagnosis: Portal Hypertension.

ATTENTION (23.07.2015).:
The fund-raising campaign is closed. Dianas surgery has been cancelled as her physicians have decided to try some more medicine. Lets hope the girl will get better soon!

Our family is asking everybody to help us. On the sixth of November 2013 our daughter, Diana, saw this world for the first time. We were the happiest parents in the world! But on the second day after being born our little girl was taken to an intensive care unit and diagnosed with hemoreologic neonatal disease. Three days after, the girl was transferred to the Neonatal Pathology Unit, where she with her mom stayed for seven more days.

Seven months after, little Diana passed an examination in a Hematology Department. In April, when Natalia was wiping the girl with a towel, she found a knot under her left hypochondrium. The family went to a clinic, and the girl was urgently taken for examinations to the Regional Childrens hospital, where she was diagnosed with portal hypertension.

Diana urgently needs a surgery! The operation is scheduled for 13 July. Unfortunately, we do not have money to pay for our girls treatment and rehabilitation. We are a young family, with Dianas farther working as a physical education trainer at school and her mother working in a nursery school but currently being in a maternity leave. Besides, we have a son who does not go to school. We ask you to help our daughter who is always so happy to see the morning sun, flowers and all the beautiful things around her. Currently we need about UAH 50 thousand or 2,173 US dollars to pay for the surgery. We ask all those who can help us with some donations, please do not stay aside! Life is a very valuable thing

Thank you very much in advance!

The family lives in the village of Maryevka in Zaporozhzhye region.

Phone number of Dianas mother, Natalia: +38 050 867 94 83.

For additional information, please contact The Happy Child Foundation

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
08.07.2015Lorna V.Great Britain23.9 US dollars
07.07.2015Dimitrij P.Germany9.38 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 33.28 US dollars

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We have no information about expenses at the moment

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