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Please, join and help us to equip the Happy Home for foster families!

Author: Nikolay Kolodyazhniy, Daria Dubenko, translated by Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-10-07 13-00-00 Viewed, times: 1184
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On September 30 Ukrainians mark Adoption Day. Its also officially called the holiday for adoptive, foster and educators parents. These people welcomed children into their families who under different circumstances lost their biological moms and dads.

Finding families for orphans is one of the main goals of the Happy Child charity foundation. We have been creating media profiles of orphans for many years and they have helped 135 lonely children to find their loving parents. Together with the Foster parents club we regularly hold meetings in many parts of the Zaporizhzhia region. This way we provide psychological support to foster parents as well as share our experience and solve our problems together. In addition to that, we run competitions and spread the word about adopting orphans, so that more children and parents can find each other.

One of our projects in this field is creating family-type homes where orphans will be able to live with their new parents. We have named this project Happy Home because no matter how much orphanage employees care about orphans, children can really be happy only in a family.

Thanks to our activities and kind donors we have managed to build two family-type houses in the village of Kalinovka and one in Ukrajinka of the Zaporizhzhia region. There are currently twenty-six orphans as well as children with special needs. We are completing the construction of the fourth house in Ukrajinka, which should welcome its new dwellers by the end of this year. We have finished installations and are preparing to start the heating system.

Everyone of you is welcome to assist us financially, so we will be able to equip the houses for foster families. We need furniture and household appliances for the kitchen, bedrooms and study rooms for the children. We should also buy pillows, mattresses, blankets and bed clothes. Foster families and their children will be grateful to you for any sort of assistance!

You can read more about Happy Home project here.

Feel free to contact Albert Pavlov +38 066 513 34 35.

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