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Mikhail Bratushkin, born in 2005 Cystic fibrosis

Help Mikhail build the future he dreams of and deserves

Author: Galina Kepko, Olga Vovk, translated by Andrei Vernon, deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-10-20 12-40-00 Viewed, times: 6459
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Mikhail Bratushkin, birthdate: 02.12.2005

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Discharge papers: page 1, page 2.

There are so many people in the world born into unjust circumstances that merely try to live life to the fullest. Misha is one of these individuals. Unfortunately, Misha has had difficulties with his health from the moment he was born. Immediately upon being born, Misha was transferred from the Lysychansk maternity hospital to Luhansk surgical center where they suspected intestinal blockage and the doctors performed a colostomy.

At only two months, Misha was admitted to the Kiev Hospital and underwent and operation to close his stoma. At three months old only weighing 3.1 kg., Misha was finally able to go home and be with his family. Unfortunately, the happiness did not last very long.

At six years old, Misha stopped gaining weight, fell ill with pneumonia and the doctors told his parents something no parent ever wants to hear Your child has cystic fibrosis.

Since then his mother and father have spent every ounce of energy and penny possible on his treatment, but there still isnt enough money for Mishas treatment.

One month of basic drugs costs 9,000 UAH (390 US dollars) and only the father works in the family.

Currently, the family is in urgent need of drugs for his inhaler and his enzymes.

Right now due to his weak immune system Misha studies at home. Despite all the hardships he is facing, he continues to try and study. Misha is growing up to be a very kind, gentle, wise young man and still has hope for a bright future.

Please help this boy live the live that he deserves. Mishas parents hope and appreciate all the help they receive to overcome the difficulties associated with their sons treatment.

The family lives in the city of Lysychansk in the Luhansk region.

His mothers (Anna) phone number is: +38 066 077 51 48.

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
28.12.2019Vyacheslav V.Ukraine208.98 US dollars
19.12.2019Ramina D.Ukraine41.54 US dollars
29.11.2019Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine922.35 US dollars
26.11.2019Natal'ya K.Ukraine12.47 US dollars
14.11.2019Andrew V.Ukraine20.4 US dollars
08.11.2019Tat'yana L.Ukraine8.16 US dollars
03.11.2019Andrew V.Ukraine20 US dollars
31.10.2019Vladimir Sh.Ukraine12 US dollars
18.10.2019Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine276.93 US dollars
06.10.2018Natal'ya K.Ukraine7.1 US dollars
28.09.2018Andrej S.Ukraine8.66 US dollars
19.09.2018Yuliya D.Ukraine1.77 US dollars
19.09.2018Ramina D.Ukraine103.64 US dollars
23.06.2017Ramina D.Ukraine19.21 US dollars
23.05.2016Volunteer ZakarpatieUkraine59.52 US dollars
10.12.2015Alexey B.Ukraine4.37 US dollars
02.12.2015Vladislav ChUkraine4.19 US dollars
06.11.2015Lesya .Ukraine8.7 US dollars
13.10.2015Vladislav Ya.Ukraine0.7 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 1740.67 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
07.02.2020Refund Unused Amount. Treatment at the State Institution Minsk Scientific and Practical Center for Surgery, Transplantology and Hematology (Belarus)-278.58 US dollars
03.01.2020Survey168.88 US dollars
03.01.2020bank commission 01.20200.09 US dollars
13.12.2019Bank fee for international payment25 US dollars
13.12.2019Treatment at the State Institution Minsk Scientific and Practical Center for Surgery, Transplantology and Hematology (Belarus)1500 US dollars
01.10.2019Nutrition Resource Optimum, 400g. - 12 pcs;160.67 US dollars
21.06.2019Nutrition PediaShur Health, 200g. - 90 pcs.157.85 US dollars
25.10.2018Ultrasonic inhaler OMRON NE-U100-E140.15 US dollars
28.09.2018Ursofalk 3 pack, Lord of the hyal Nebula 18 pack273.15 US dollars
13.04.2018Medicinal preparations: Ursofalk 2 pack, Lord of the hyal nebulus 16 pack.315.65 US dollars
29.12.2017Medicinal preparations: Lord 7 pack, Ursofalk, Heptral 5 pack357 US dollars
28.09.2017Medications: Heptral 2 pack., Ursofalk101.01 US dollars
03.08.2017Medicinal preparations: Heptral 4 pack.81.45 US dollars
24.05.2017Medicinal preparations: Lorda 18 pack, Ursofalk 3 pack222.46 US dollars
24.05.2017Medicinal preparations: Nestle Resource Optimum 400 - 7 pack90.46 US dollars
07.03.2017Medications: Heptral 2 package69.8 US dollars
03.02.2017Medications: Lorde Hyal max 7 18 pack, 2 pack Ursofalk164.85 US dollars
30.12.2016Medications: Kolomitsin 5 pack640 US dollars
15.12.2016Medications: Kolomitsin 2 pkg.288.21 US dollars
30.08.2016Medications: Lord of hyal hyper 0,1% 4ml 20 pack119.7 US dollars
23.05.2016059.52 US dollars
15.03.2016Medications: Vazonat, Tivortin 10 pack, 2 pack Fluimucil, Essentiale H 2 pkg54.36 US dollars
14.01.2016Medications: Sumamed, special food72.33 US dollars
27.11.2015Purchase of medicines: The mixture Nestle Resource Junior 400 g 6 pack93.38 US dollars
18.11.2015Purchase of medicines: Ursosan 5 pack215.65 US dollars
18.11.2015Purchase of medicines: Betargin 4 pack, 4 pack Laktiale81.07 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 5174 US dollars

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