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Kids get to grips with ammunition: life on the frontline in east Ukraine

As ceasefire takes hold a lock of heating and broken windows slowly become things of the past

Author: uatoday.tv, uatoday.tv/society Published: 2015-11-17 12-50-00 Viewed, times: 1680
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As ceasefire takes hold a lock of heating and broken windows slowly become things of the past

Children here in the town of Marinka know all about ammunition Ц they need to. Their school is in the Donetsk region of east Ukraine, near the frontline of fighting between Ukranian troops and Russian-backed militants. It's just one aspect of life in the conflict zone. For more than a year their school was without heating. In recent days they finally received a new boiler and have has broken windows repaired.

Olha Khodko, school director: "The boiler works on solid fuels but It can also work on gas. But it's good for us now because in the town there is no gas Ц but we've had coal delivered, so it short start working any time now."

A new border checkpoint is also being set up here in Marinka. But first the area has to be thoroughly combed for mines. Gas lines are among the most difficult areas to make safe as they are often in areas within range of militant fire.

Anatoliy Krasnoperov, Ukrainian Emergency Situations Ministry: "The gas line goes along the frontline. We can cover about 2 hectares per day. We often come across trip wires and traps."

This man and women are have been trying without success to see their 17-year-old daughter, whom they've been separated from for six months. The problem is, she is located in territory uncontrolled by Ukraine or the militants Ц it's a dangerous no-man's land where artillery fire is often heard.

From Marinka the view stretches into occupied territory form where the flag of the so-called Donetsk People's Republic can be seen. A reminder, if one were needed, of the proximity of this town to the frontline.

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