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A Child Needs a Family: Eugeniy N., born in 2004

Fortunately the kid found a loving family!

Author: Karina Senchina, translated by Iryna Hubbard, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-01-18 07-00-00 Viewed, times: 2223
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Zhenya is an open and sincere boy, who is not shy to talk to strangers at such a young age, to be interviewed in front of camera and share his thoughts, feelings and dreams. During the dialogue, Eugeniy appears to be an intelligent boy who has tried to answer all questions and tell us frankly as much as possible about himself.

Zhenya (Eugeniy) is an active boy. He does not like to sit idly by and waste time he loves to play various sports, especially football. Additionally, he is interested in painting. In spare time, he likes to watch science fiction and contemporary comics films. The boy desires to play different computer games also.

Zhenya shared with us his cherished dream one day he wants to get a gift - IPad. The boy still is not sure who he would like to become in the future, but he boldly declared he would not refuse the post of Minister!

According to educators opinion, Eugene can be quite impulsive, especially when something goes wrong as he believes. At the same time, boy admitted to be even shy in other situations. There are actually many different qualities combined, but the positive ones are clearly dominated. It can be noted even if you communicate with this boy briefly.

During our conversation, Zhenya has conquered everybody with his charm and openness. Zhenya tried to learn how to whistle and discussed art with men. And for the girls goodbye he kissed their hands. Obviously, that boy lacks attention and love and he wants to be for someone that necessary and important. Thats why, Zhenya is often looking for an attention of educators and guests.

Zhenya really wishes to have a family. He believes it is important for children to grow together with their parents, where atmosphere will be peaceful and calm and there will be no place for aggression. And boy does not mind if one day he will get a brother. We hope that Zhenya will find his family. This is a bright and cheerful boy, full of positive potential energy. We believe there will be people who wish to become parents for such a bright child. This boy has special educational needs.

If you are interested in adopting this child or other children, please read the memo to the potential adoptive parents, guardians, and foster parents; you can also contact Childrens Affairs' service of the Zaporozhia State Administration by telephone (061) 239-01-56

If for some reason you are currently not able to adopt (for example, you are a student and do not have a family of your own yet) you are still able to help children at a boarding school (an orphanage) with your financial support. Ways you can help include: planning and participating in excursions and trips for children; visiting a child in an orphanage; or helping purchase developmental toys, books, construction sets, and sports equipment.

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