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Daria Sukach: Life goes on!

Your help has saved one more life!

Author: Daria Sukach, deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-05-15 12-20-00 Viewed, times: 1406
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Spring of my new life...

We are glad to share with you, our dear friends, a shining example of how kindness and desire to support makes a difference in someones life. Daria Sukach has faced a long journey to recovery through radiation and chemotherapies and two surgeries. Today this girl is eager to tell us her happy news:

My dear friends and strangers with big hearts,

This beautiful spring I was dreaming about so much over the past two years, which were full of ordeals for my family, has finally arrived! Even though with anxiety of uncertainty and pain I have finally welcomed my happy dawn, I was longing for during my chemo days. I again wake up with a smile on my face and this feeling of joy inside me. I again dream about many things such as travelling to London, learning many more foreign languages and helping this world become a happier place

My recent control examinations have not found any cancerous tumors and this means that the resection surgery combined with twelve rounds of chemo turned out to be successful! A week ago one of my big dreams came true I had my reversal surgery which closed my ileostomy. Now I am like a newborn baby learning to eat and do these simple-hard things many people take for granted. There are still five years of strict checkups for me because cancer, alas, may come out of nowhere again. However, I, together with the people whose faith saved me, keep hoping that this horror of hospital days will forever remain a finished chapter of my long book of life

Last chemo

I am forever grateful to everyone who supported me in my severe battle for life with prayers, financial donations and just by being with me when I felt cold and dark.

Id like to give special thanks to Happy Child charity foundation as well as Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace for their heartfelt assistance in my fund-raising campaign!

I thank everyone who held my thread of life even during the moments when there seemed to be no hope. You are all a part of my new day!

I, just like anyone of you, cannot exactly say how long my journey on this planet will last but I definitely know that every day is a gift of God and a sign that the world needs you and that happiness can be so close and simple just like waking up in your sweet bed instead of a comfortable hospital ward, hugging your dear ones and, of course, an opportunity to dream about something wonderful

After the surgery at the hospital

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