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Marchuk Victoria, 26 years old - the upper limb anomalies

Fundraising is closed! Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by George Yost, deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-08-10 10-30-00 Viewed, times: 903
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Victoria Marchuk, born May 10th, 1990

Diagnosis: upper limb anomalies, the right-dysplastic omarthrosis (shoulder arthrosis) with pain.

Advice from the German clinic: page 1, page 2.

Medical Check-Out: page 1, 2page 2.

ATTENTION! AS AT 17.10.2018: Fundraising closed!
Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child

Victoria is already a winner in life. She has had always had to fight for life and health since birth, even now to the present day. Her favorite hobby, perhaps because of all of her struggles, is Para-Taekwondo. I do not have enough words to describe the powerful spirit of this seemingly fragile girl, therefore, Victoria turns to you to ask for help directly:

I'll start my letter by saying that I want to express my gratitude to all the people who, without knowing me personally donate money for my treatment. Now I graduated from college, received a bachelor's degree and find a job. I will continue training and soon receive a speech therapy diploma.

My life is such that I have to be dependent on drugs, doctors and others. My parents refused me, having been convinced that I would be a drain on them and their resources, unable to live a normal life. Perhaps they thought I would be better off living in an orphanage and then in a boarding school from 5 - 19. But, in spite of all my challenges, I have a rich, full life. My only obstacle now is an unbearable pain in my right shoulder joint. At 20, after years of pain in my shoulder, I was diagnosed with dysplastic omarthrosis (shoulder arthrosis). After the diagnoses, I had an unsuccessful surgery at the Kiev Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics. In November 2013, I had another operation in Munich, Germany which gave temporary relief but the pain returned within a few months. The doctors in the Ukraine can do nothing other than injections to numb the pain which does not really work while the deterioration continues.

Now I'm in talks with the German clinic Atos and "the Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center for Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics (RISC RTO). The Russian Clinic has suggested artificial joint replacement. In order to make sure that this is possible in my case, it is necessary to conduct a series of scans (CT and MRI of the shoulder joint). After they receive these scans, they will tell me whether a joint replacement is possible or not. If not, I'm afraid to think what will happen to me in a few years.

I only have limited use of my right hand at the moment and have constant pain. To somehow delay the complete destruction of the joint (a joint now almost destroyed due to the final stage of osteoarthritis), I must use costly chondroprotectors (medicine used to protect the joint which costs about a thousand hryvnia per pack).

I want to follow the advice of the German experts regarding my shoulder from the Atos Clinic, located in Munich, but I do not have the money.

I have a dorm room, which was given me or my sporting achievements. The room has no furniture or creature comforts necessary for living, but I am not able to live there anyway due to my deteriorating health. After finishing basic housework, I always need someones help with other tasks such as cooking, doing the laundry, getting dressed, etc.). Therefore, I have lived with a friends family for the past three years.

But Im not giving up. I intend to continue competing in sports for as long as I can. I am already a four time champion in Para-Taekwondo. The first gold was in November 22, 2012 in Santa Cruz, Aruba. The next was at the World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland, June 8, 2013. The third gold medal I won was in Moscow, Russia on June 22nd, 2014, Russia. The fourth gold and silver medal I won in Turkey. I am also a three-time bronze medalist in the European championships. I am a member of the Ukrainian team currently preparing for the upcoming European Championship, which will be held in Warsaw, Poland this September. I also need support from kind people, because the state money is never there. Unfortunately, I am also aware of the fact that if I do not receive successful treatment on my shoulder, sports could be come a lost dream.

Every day, I do my best to live well, to fight, to not give up, and to do my best at the world championships. But, unfortunately, I cant pay for the treatments, surgery, and preparation alone. Therefore, I appeal again to all the people who might be able to help me. I am aware and grateful to all the people who have helped me already and will help now as I attempt to continue winning championships and defending the honor of our country.

I am always aware that without the responsive and kind people who helped me throughout my life, I would not have been able to accomplish all the things that I have done.

The family lives in the city of Zaporozhe.

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27.04.2017Magnetic resonance imaging of pelvic organs with contrast84.17 US dollars
30.03.2017Medications: Linex 2 pack, Dexalgin, Ketonal, Olfen-100 2 pack, Ceftriaxone 10 pack, Syringes 24 pack, Gloves 20 pack62.09 US dollars
07.06.2016Magnetic resonance imaging of the right shoulder joint38 US dollars
12.01.2016Purchase of medicines: Jeanine 2 pack53.63 US dollars
23.10.2015Purchase of medicines: Prednisolone 2 pack, 4 pack Teraflex44.98 US dollars
15.10.2015Computed tomography one of the joints27.21 US dollars
23.07.2015Acquisition of drugs: Struktum, Tranexam60.5 US dollars
25.05.2015Drugs: Visa, Struktum92.24 US dollars
14.04.2015Drugs: Visa, Don Struktum132.42 US dollars
17.03.2015Medications: Visan, Dona, Immunal85.2 US dollars
11.12.2014Magnetic and resonant tomography of the right shoulder joint54.59 US dollars
05.12.2014Medications: Diprospan43.88 US dollars
04.08.2014Medications: Gabantin, Deksalgin-injectivity, Neyrorubin 3 pack, Nikomeks, relaxation, Riboksin 3 pack, 6 pack Tazalok144.83 US dollars
10.06.2014Acquisition of drugs: Applicator pad, Duphaston 2 pack, Magne B6-5 pack, 2 pack Stimol115.56 US dollars
12.05.2014Magnetic resonance imaging of the right shoulder joint73.24 US dollars
30.04.2014Remoksikam 4 pack23.86 US dollars
04.04.2014Buying drugs: Duphaston 6 pack76.39 US dollars
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21.01.2014Don por.d / for r r-ra 2 pkg.; Don rastv.amp 2ml + 2 pkg.171.63 US dollars
16.12.2013Buying food and clothing due to delayed pension payments200.18 US dollars
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