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Masly Ekaterina, 20 years old - acute leukemia

Fundraising is closed due to death! Catherine finished her earthly journey. The Kingdom of Heaven, patience and perseverance to her loved ones.

Author: Julia Moysyuk, translated by Elena Gonchar, deti.zp.ua Published: 2017-01-22 10-00-00 Viewed, times: 1892
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Masly Ekaterina, born 27.11.1996

Diagnosis: Acute leukemia.

ATTENTION! AS AT THE STATUS OF 11.05.2017 .: Fundraising is closed due to death!
Catherine finished her earthly journey. The Kingdom of Heaven, patience and perseverance to her loved ones.

Recently Katya Masliy had addressed to our Foundation Helpus with a requestto help her in fund-raising for going through chemotherapy. Here is her letter:

My name is Katya. Im 20years old. The 16th of November 2016 I wasdiagnosedwith acute leukemia. Thepreceding period didnt raise concerns.

All started with obvious gums pain. Naturally, I reached out to dentist. It was made completebloodcount, as a result became knownmy diagnosis.

At this time (22.12.2016) I am undergoing a second round of chemotherapy in resuscitation of a hematology unit of the Zaporizhia Regional hospital. More than 3 500 USD that were collected by not indifferent residents of Zaporizhia, were spent to therapy, that was necessary after the first round ofchemotherapy(from 3 to 180 USD a day, depending onthe severity ofher condition).

The second round of chemotherapy ends in a few days. My recreationaldrugs are effective, but very expensive.

Financial resources of my family consists of 900 USD hryvnias with a stretch. It is a very little amount, even for recovery after second round of chemotherapy, and it will be a third round.

Further treatment depends on reaction of my organism to all endured tests.

I desperately needthe help. Please,don't letthe money to be the price of life!

Iwarmly thankall in advance!

Masliy Katya.

The family lives in the town of Zaporozhye.

Natalia Phone: +38 (050) 174 61 29 (female)

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
24.12.2017Box for donationUkraine4.29 US dollars
24.12.2017Box for donationUkraine5.29 US dollars
24.12.2017Box for donationUkraine2.05 US dollars
24.12.2017Box for donationUkraine1.29 US dollars
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14.04.2017Mariya L.Ukraine37.22 US dollars
12.04.2017Seregej Sh.Ukraine0.74 US dollars
12.04.2017Box for donationUkraine9.67 US dollars
07.04.2017Box for donationUkraine9.57 US dollars
31.03.2017Box for donationUkraine13.35 US dollars
29.03.2017Box for donationUkraine7.37 US dollars
24.03.2017Box for donationUkraine7.43 US dollars
12.03.2017Seregej Sh.Ukraine0.74 US dollars
09.03.2017Box for donationUkraine3.71 US dollars
27.02.2017Box for donationUkraine3.71 US dollars
20.02.2017Oleg SUkraine7.2 US dollars
18.02.2017LudmilaUkraine3.63 US dollars
15.02.2017VitalinaUkraine6.1 US dollars
08.02.2017Nikolaj P.Ukraine7.39 US dollars
08.02.2017Box for donationUkraine3.51 US dollars
30.01.2017Seregej Sh.Ukraine0.74 US dollars
26.01.2017Box for donationUkraine6.25 US dollars
14.01.2017An anonymous contributorUkraine3.57 US dollars
11.01.2017Box for donationUkraine5.52 US dollars
06.01.2017Julia S.Ukraine7.49 US dollars
30.12.2016Seregej Sh.Ukraine0.76 US dollars
30.12.2016runawayUkraine71.53 US dollars
28.12.2016Elena R.USA48.1 US dollars
28.12.2016Elena R.USA48.1 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 347.54 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
13.01.2017Drugs for chemotherapy257.48 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 257 US dollars