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Photo reporting: gifts from Christian group from USA to orphanages of Zaporozhye

The remained part of donation was used for gifts to Zaporozhye's orphans

Author: Albert Pavlov, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2007-01-23 Viewed, times: 6657
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$501 of donation remained after our "From heart to heart"

These money were used for gifts to the orphanage #3 of Zaporozhye and orphanage for mentally retarded children in Velikiy Lug

This is full list of purchased gifts:

Toys and wood meccanos to Velikiy Lug - $95

4 music centers Vitek (MP3, CD, FM, cassete) - $221

Taxi (shipping gifts ot internat #3 and Velikiy Lug) - $10

Writing materials and other gifts to the orphanage #3 - $228

Full list of writing materials:
Paper А4, 500 sheets 10 boxes
Drawing albums 73 pcs.
Drawing albums 56 pcs.
Folders 3 pcs.
Notebooks 60 pcs.
Paints 10 pcs.
Pens 42 pcs.
Pensils, black 32 pcs.
Colour pensils sets 52 sets
Soft-pens 20 sets
Plasticine 1 pcs.
Lasting 22 pcs.
Brushes 4 pcs.
Files 20 pcs.
Book jackets 30 pcs.,
Fan with digits (for smalles group) 1 pcs.
Fan with letters 3 pcs.

Sum total: $554 ($53 added from other donations)

Orphanage #3 of Zaporozhye:

3 groups of the orphanage #3 have music centers now (CD/MP3/FM/cassete player)

Electric teapot - simple, but needed thing for youngest children

Children's home for mentally retarded boys (in Velikiy Lug)

Kids very like interesting wood and magnetic toys

Life is much more interesting with good music!

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