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Ukrainian orphans visit Colorado hoping to find families

More than a dozen orphans from the Ukraine arrived in Colorado this week

Author: Dan Boniface, www.9news.com Published: 2007-04-04 03-10-00 Viewed, times: 3314
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KUSA - More than a dozen orphans from the Ukraine arrived in Colorado this week.

They are in need of adoptive families and range from 6 to 12 years old.

The children have spent their early years in an orphanage and now are looking for a permanent home where they can join a family.

In the past, we introduced you to a family in Colorado with two teenagers that grew to a family of six when they adopted three children from the Ukraine.

The Stoesz family has told us that they couldn't imagine life now without the kids.

This past Sunday, the 13 orphans from the Ukraine made the journey to Colorado, arriving in Denver for a two and a half week visit to America.

On Wednesday, 9NEWS met them while they were enjoying some crafts and activities at a local church.

While there, 9NEWS also talked with another adoptive parent, a mom with three kids from the Ukraine. She says it's the best thing she's ever done.

"They're coming from institutions," said Shelli Myles, an adoptive mother. "Parents that have abandoned or neglected their children, they get put into an orphanage and this orphanage has I think 120 children I think so they are in an institution basically."

Myles says the memories are difficult for her because the children live in a very sterile, hospital-like environment.

"The kids, you know, they're all lined up in a bed," said Myles. "They all sleep in one room. It's very heart-wrenching. It's something that if you see once, you don't ever forget. It affects you forever. I'd take them all if I could."

Prospective parents are already meeting with the children and the goal is to find matches and bring the kids back to Colorado permanently.

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