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Queensbury charity Take Hope opens orphanage in Ukraine

A CHARITY has been celebrating after opening an orphanage in Ukraine after an eight year project.

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Take Hope, based in Queensbury, overcame a series of setbacks to set up the orphanage to provide children with a safe, secure home.

It has opened in the city of Vynohradiv, with the support of the regional government and Ukranian Greek Catholic Church.

To mark the opening of the home St Alban’s House, Take Hope’s founder Andrew McVeigh welcomed guests from the region’s church and government, and the Provincial Head of the Order of St Josephat, who travelled from Serbia for the opening.

The home was dedicated to Omelyan Kovch, a Ukrainian Greek Catholic Priest who died protecting Jewish orphan children in the Majdanek concentration camp in World War Two.

Mr McVeigh was also presented with a humanitarian award from the head of the regional government to recognise his work and commitment to the project, and also the support of the people of Bradford for the project.

Mr McVeigh thanked everyone in Bradford who has supported the project over the years during a speech at the ceremony.

Founded by Mr McVeigh, of Denholme, in 1995, Take Hope supports communities in the Transcarpathia region.

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