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Photo report: three new refrigerators were given to Zaporozhye regional children's hospital

Refrigerators were given to the newborn babys pathology department and intensive therapy unit

Author: Albert Pavlov, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2007-10-19 00-05-00 Viewed, times: 5550
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Thanks to donation of our donors our foundation had possibility to help 2 departments of Zaporozhye regional childrens hospital (ZRCH) newborn babys pathology department and intensive therapy unit. Two enough big refrigerators MORA (Gorenije)MRF 6324F and medium-size refrigerator ARDO DP 28 SA were bought, total cost was $1020.

Refrigerators had used in these departments till we bought new ones, had ages above 20 years, and also were unable to store needed amount of medicines and childs nutrition. Its was very pleasant to see joy of medical workers, who first time during many years received new equipment to their departments.

In addition of direct help to sick children (its our main priority task), we plan to continue purchase of medical equipment, making better life conditions in the medical departments. Purchase of several new microscopes of Austrian manufacturer for the clinical laboratory ZRCH is in our nearest plans. Old, made in Soviet Union microscope already depleted its resources, its optical and mechanical details dont allow for laboratory assistants fulfill their tasks with good quality. But treatment success and even lifes of dozens small patients depends on accuracy of blood tests. New microscopes, in additional to quality of optical details, also much more handly in use for laboratory assistants, and can prevent of vision lost.

The cost of one such binocular microscope Micros MC 20 is about $840. Laboratory needs at least 3 such devices.

Special medical centrifuge for blood tests and small refrigerator are also very needed to the clinical laboratory.

Refrigerators still very needed to almost all departments of ZRCH surgery department #1 and #2, traumatic surgery, endocrinology, cardiology and others.

Newborn babys pathology department also needs conditioning system. Windows in this department oriented to the sunny side of the building, and at warm seasons temperature in the rooms become very high and dangerous for the small patients. This department also needs small electric stove.

Almost all departments need bed replacement. Old beds have ages 20-50 years old, and its very uncomfortable for the patients and their parents.

Those who would like to make better treatment and life conditions in the main Zaporozhyes regional childrens hospital can donate to our charity foundation Happy Child

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