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Photo report: using donation from Marino P., Erich S., USA, Highlander, Israel, and parcels from Irina M., Switzerland, and Kahpo, USA

Children of "Sun" baby's orphanage and orphanage #3 of Zaporozhye received useful and interesting gifts

Author: Albert Pavlov, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2007-11-28 00-05-00 Viewed, times: 6364
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We thanks Highlander from Israel for $150 donation. Inflatable toys-dogs, balls and massage rugs were bought for Zaporozhyes regional babys orphanage Sun (Solnishko). Children liked gifts very much, and most joy they had from dog-toys. Though its not real dogs, but kids can jump, gallop on these toys, and dont be afraid to be bitten.

We also bought popular books, fairy tales, puzzles and MP3/CD/Fm music player for 1-3 forms of the orphanage #3 of Zaporozhye. Money for these purposes were donated by Marino P. and Erich S., USA.

We started delivering of gifts, sent in parcels by Irina M., Switzerland and Kahpo, USA during last weeks. It was a big amount of promptly packed things (clothes, shoes, socks, toys) for the Sun and others orphanages in the two big boxes sent by Irina. We thanks Irina for these collected with love gifts, and for her permanent help to Zaporozhye orphans.

We only started distributing of gifts, sent by Kahpo. Its not a easy task to deliver such amount of things. 9 large boxes, sent from oversea, occupies half of the hall of my flat. Trying to sort out gifts according to the ages of children, I and my wife opened boxes. And just in moment after this, my 3 years old daughter Masha couldnt believe in her happiness, and took one toy after another. She became almost crazy because of such amount of toys! She didnt want to go bed, and would like to play the whole night. This is a back side of volunteering work? Finally, listened to the words of her mother and father, Masha agreed with thought that kids who have no parents need these toys much more than she needs. And next days dolls and other toys from Kahpos parcel found their new owners in the Sun babys orphanage.

We again thanks all people who help Zaporozhyes orphans financially or send parcels for them. It makes life of the abandoned children a bit better. But the fundamental solution of orphans problems can be only good loving family for them.


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