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The tent-camp for orphans on the South coast of Crimea

We offer to join us in organization the summer rest of 38 Zaporozhye orphans in the tent-camp near Yalta, Black Sea coast

Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Inna Grigorieva, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2008-05-22 00-00-00 Viewed, times: 14611
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Due to the style of our life we become estranged from nature, but each of us aspire to visit the seaside at least one time in a year, to listen to the forest silence, to glance at the land from the mountain peak! How beautiful to sing your favorite songs in the evening when you are tired and happy with rest sitting in the company of your friends! These very moments of the unity with nature can revive us culturally, they also can give us incitement for creation, make us think out of our life destination.

From my own experience I know that trips and excursions in childhood remain in childrens memory for all life long. Children spending time close to nature, being keen on the features of the tourist life, feel themselves more independently and havent much aggression in their everyday activity.

Exactly for this reason volunteers of www.deti.zp.ua try to organize camping trips and excursions for orphans as far as possible. For the last two years children of three orphanages of Zaporozhye region visited Kiev, Feodosiya, Sevastopol, Foros, the island of Khortitsa on the Dnieper River.

Pupils of the orphanage 3 in one of the trips in spring, 2007

Now we have a beautiful possibility to give 8-days rest in a small tent-camp on the South coast of Crimea to 38 orphans of Volnyansk orphanage and Zaporozhye orphanage #3. Tents will be set on the territory of child's sports-healthing complex Smena near Simeiz (between Yalta and Sevastopol). Pupils will be able to combine the comfort conditions of camp with the unique rest on the nature lap. The comfortable canteen on the territory of Smena provides children with three meals a day, sporting and playing grounds, first-aid post. Smena also suggests its own equipped beach, entertainment activity.

An interesting cognitive program will be organized for orphans with the participation of Zaporozhye regional centre of youth tourism specialists in Crimea. Children can visit a cave-city Eski-kermen, Foros, the Palace of Vorontsov in Alupka, Yalta zoo, Uchan-Su waterfall, the top of Ay-Petri mountain.

Experienced instructors will teach children the basis of hiking tourism they will explain them the rules of choosing convenient place for tent-camp, they also will show pupils different ways of making knots, tell about peculiarities of tourist life.

And of course we will give a great attention to the childrens safety during their rest in the camp.

The scheme of the tent-camp placement on the territory of the sports-healthing complex Smena.

The tents placing area

The view from the tent-camp place

The view from Simeiz village

Smenas beach

The territory of Smena

Evening in Smena

We are going to organize the tent-camp on the period from 10 of June, 2008 till the moment when orphans will leave to the summer camps on the sea of Azov financed by the state (usually children spend there 2 months from June, 20 till August, 20).

A cost of one place in a tourist group in Simeiz is 695 UAH ($145) with discount (the price is in accordance with an account of a firm-organizer of the trip).

This price includes the payment for 8-days living on the territory of Smena, bus transportation, three meals a day, excursions to the Eski-Kermen, Foros, Palace of Vorontsov, Yalta zoo). As an additional charges there can be payment for excursions to Ai-Petry, Sevastoplol and to the other sights of Crimea.

For 4 representatives of orhpanages who will escort children it will be guaranteed free of charge transportation, meals and leaving.

Anyone can make donation to the "Happy Child" charity foundation for this trip. We guarantee full financial and photo reporting about the action.

You can also contact us on any question you have - detizp@mail.ru or call +3 8 066 513 34 35 (Albert Pavlov)

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