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Vitally important medical equipment were bought to the oncology and hematology ward of Zaporozhye regional children's hospital

Due to the support of one of our contributors the infusion pump Infusomat B.Braun (cost $2400) was purchased for oncological baby-patients

Author: Albert Pavlov (translated into English by Elena Puhovskaja), Happy Child fund Published: 2009-11-12 06-00-00 Viewed, times: 8791
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During the pharmacotherapy oncologic baby-patients receive a lot of infusions (injections via instillator) of different medicinal preparations. Most of medicines should get into patients blood with a speed specified by the manufacturer. If the speed is higher the babys organism can be poisoned (intoxication). The accurate adjustment of medicine introduction speed for small-for-date newborn is especially important.

It is not enough to have standard instillator systems to adjust the infusion speed with maximum accuracy. For example, they do not allow setting maximum low speed, besides, as the solution flows out from the bottle the infusion speed changes.

All over the world special infusion pumps are used for precise adjustment of the infusion speed Infusomat. It is a small box which can pass medicines round-the-clock within some uninterruptedly operation years at exactly adjusted speed.

Besides, the device allows to facilitate nurses and parents work: as soon as the bottle with the solution becomes empty the device at once occludes the instillation and emits an audible signal. Beforetime parents and medical staff had to supervise the infusion process round-the-clock in order to prevent babys vein from the air intrusion.

Naturally, the cost of the device, on the uninterrupted operation of which babys life depends, can not be low; the cost of Japanese and German models amount on average more than $2400

Lately, Zaporozhye Childrens Onco-hematological Department more and more feels lack of the infusion pumps. Let us remind that in 2006 by efforts of our contributors 4 infusion pumps were purchased and one more was purchased by the foundation Unity for Future.

At the same time, from 7 to 10 baby patients at the hematological department simultaneously need the Infusomat. Thus, doctors have either to inject the solutions via standard instillators or postpone the infusion till the Infusomat will be free. Both cases bring to failure in the Therapy Report and, thereafter, babys chances to survive decrease considerably.

In October, 2009 due to the contribution of one of Zaporozhye citizens the Happy Child Foundation purchased the Infusomat B.Braun Fms for 19 900 Grivna and presented it to the Childrens Onco-Hematological Department. All the doctors, parents and little patients of Onco-hematological Department deeply appreciate the man who does not need any reclaim and publicity but who rendered a great assistance for purchasing such important equipment.

New Infusomat has been handed over to the doctors

Childrens Onco-Hematological Department still needs purchasing of 1-2 similar devices and also, a special centrifuge StatSpin (cost 4 500 Euro).

We hope that ordinary people and our state will exert themselves to equip a single in the region Hematological Department with vitally essential facilities. Even small money can make a big deed so necessary for children.

Let us remind that we submit a complete reporting file about all contributions and their spending.

Ways of transferring donations for medical equipment (transfers from abroad, PayPal, etc).

Yours faithfully,
Albert Pavlov
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