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New ultrasound-detector has already saved life of newborn!

Detector, which costs almost $7500, bought with combined efforts of foundations and usual citizens has become a long-awaited New Year surprise for Department of neonatal resuscitation of Zaporozhye regional childrens hospital

Author: Elena Bochkovskaya (translated into English by Marina Psel), Happy Child fund Published: 2010-01-22 07-00-00 Viewed, times: 5930
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Dear readers, "Happy Child" foundation has a real Christmas news for You! Kind and joyful news which gives a hope for many children and adults.

The enquiry is we all together with you roused ourselves, made an added efforts and gathered on time money for new detector for portable ultrasound (US) apparatus for Department of neonatal resuscitation of Zaporozhye regional childrens hospital! And this means every child which come into the world premature, too small, or with other pathologies has a chance to survive and become healthy.

We would remind you that in the middle of November in the Department of neonatal resuscitation the only suitable for infants detector for portable US-apparatus was broken. This equipment helped to reveal heart pathologies of underweight newborns right in the ward (its dangerous to bring kids to stationary apparatus on this critical stage), and also of children from Cardiology and Oncohematology Departments. Thus, lifes of children from all three departments were left in danger without US.

Approximately 25 infants per year have serious problems with heart.

Regional budget, of course, didnt have money new detail. First, the cost of this really micro detail isnt low 59 thousands hrn. Second, just recently regional childrens hospital bought urgently needed medical equipment for 3 millions hrn. Among others three modern respiratory apparatus, gas analyzer for blood, new digital X-ray, incubators for infants. Like in Murphys law, everything is going wrong at the same time.

The fact that we have the detector now is just amazing!, -says the Head of the Department of neonatal resuscitation Ivan Anikin. because US-examination is needed for 2-3 children from our department and 2 older kids every day. And every year we find 25 cases of problems and pathologies out of 170 examined patients. Last year, for example, 8 kids were urgently sent on operations with severe heart disease, 15 were prescribed to serious treatment. Besides, this detector help us to reveal inflammatory diseases of heart and lungs in children.

By the way, since December 31, 2009 (detector was delivered to the ward just on New Year Eve), it has already saved a life of newborn girl! Examination with usual US-apparatus didnt showed any serious problem but after full examination with help of new small detector was revealed that 4-month old Olechka T. should be urgently operated. On the artificial pulmonary ventilation she was delivered to Kiev by plane, and was operated which saved her life. She is lucky because if specialist hadnt come on time and detector had been bought later, she wouldnt survive.

Of course, our department has many more needs: for example, detectors of pulse-aximetry are almost completely broken (each costs 200 euro), - continues Ivan Alexandrovich. But this detector was the most important. Every worker of the department is very happy that with help of people who care we can help to newborn kids again.

The fact that we have the detector now is just amazing!, -says the Head of the Department of neonatal resuscitation Ivan Anikin

$2300 were given to Zaporozhye kids by the Embassy of Great Britain.

Money for the US-detector were gathered from everywhere: some people made transfers, some brought cash right into our office or hospital. Also usual citizens helped a lot (e.g. one young man transferred 29 350 hrn (!), charitable foundation Patriot of Zaporozhye gave 10 000 hrn, and representatives of the Embassy of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Ukraine also made their input. We requested the embassy to help bt didnt really hoped for response. And they transferred us 19 000 hrn absolutely gratuitously.

In general, we gathered money on time and paid. And when accounting department is still formalize transfer of gifts, detector gives a chance for survival to Zaporozhye children!

So let me say THANK YOU to all who paid attention to the problem and donate money on US-detector from all workers of Happy Child foundation, the Head of the Department of neonatal resuscitation Ivan Anikin, and all mothers whose kids are in the resuscitation!

God bless you and be healthy!

Elena Bochkovskaya

P.S.: If you wish to help with purchase of important equipment (detectors, infusion pumps) for Zaporozhye regional childrens hospital you welcomed to give donations to Happy Child foundation. We provide complete reporting about donations.