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Residents of London, Kyiv, and Zaporizhzhia are helping to finance roof repairs of a building in Kalinovka. Half of the necessary sum has been already collected

Family-style home for orphaned children with severe disabilities will be the first not only in Zaporizhzhya area, but in all of Ukraine. Everybody can help make this unique project a reality

Author: Albert Pavlov, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2010-06-30 10-30-00 Viewed, times: 5403
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In the near future, this house built by the Germans is destined to become home for seven special needs orphans

We remind you that the Happy Child foundation is starting renovations of one of the buildings in the orphanage in Kalinovka village to create a family-style home for seven special needs children. For more details about the exceptional significance and unique nature of this project, please see the article УEverybody in the world needs a houseЕФ

These pictures show the current state of the roof and the building:

Construction workers will have to fully remove the old roof tile and roof supporting beams, replace rotten wood with the new one, replace the roof tile, and add new gutter system. In preparation for the start of the repairs, several roofers inspected the building. We familiarize ourselves as deeply as possible with the proposed plans of repairs in order to ensure the most cost-effective use of donorsТ money while not forgetting about the safety and comfort of the children.

At the end, taking into account a rather large surface area of the roof Ц 360 square meters Ц and the cost of building materials and labor, the price for the cheapest roof tile Ц shifer Ц came to $ 11 300 (for detailed budget of roof repair costs, see Уroof budgetФ) .

We are starting preparatory work now, and as soon as the necessary sum is collected, the construction crew will start taking apart the old roof and installing the new one.

We are glad to inform our readers that several donations for roof repair arrived already from Ukraine as well as from abroad. For example, photographer Vinka from London organized a fundraiser in her country. Below are picture of British people who decided to make a contribution to improve the life of children in Kalinovka (photos are from VinkaТs facebook group).

Ann, our regular supporter and volunteer from Kharkiv, organized a special auction of the crafts created by the Kalinovka children.

Anyone can buy an object they like at the auction, and by doing so to contribute to the renovation of the house for children from Kalinovka.

With these efforts, in one month we collected nearly $5063 in order to start major renovation of the roof.

Repairs and renovations are not always fast, and a very involved affair. However, having set the goal, we will do everything in our power to ensure the project is completed. We believe that already next summer special needs children in Kalinovka will have a house-warming party and will finally get a house to call THEIR HOME and an opportunity for well-rounded development. Perhaps this home will become a prototype of conditions in which special needs children in our country should live.

For Lena and Anton, itТs a tremendous pleasure to spend time outside

Vera and Alesha

Those wishing to help in the realization of the project can:

- make in-kind donations of construction materials (shifer, wood Ц planks, wood bricks, wood beams, concrete, bricks, shlakobloki, delivery of sand/shcheben, armatura);

- help with the construction work (if you are a mason, carpenter, roofer, plumber, tiler, etc);

- make a donation to our fund