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Because She Deserves!

Margarita, a very special girl from a special orphanage, now lives in America

Author: Maria Semashkina, translated by Anna Oliynyk, deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-09-02 14-30-00 Viewed, times: 1734
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At the end of August, one of the many wonders happened which I witnessed while working for the foundation. It was probably the most miraculous miracle. Margarita found her family. Margarita, who for all eight years of her life has only been fed through a feeding tube as she does not have swallowing and chewing reflexes. Margarita who came to Kalinovka from Solnyshko Baby House together with two other very sick children several years ago. Those other children died almost at once, and she managed to survive. Margarita, who only this year spent six months in the regional childrenТs hospital.

I was afraid to write about her adoption and waited for her to cross the ocean. Even very good and professional pediatricians told me that she was a hopeless vegetable, but still she could survive, she fought till the day when she got a chance to have a future.

Out of all the children I met when doing my work in the recent 3.5 years, Margarita was the most difficult, but if even she has got a chance to live longer and with better quality, probably other children with special needs also deserve better and longer lives. Do not leave them, dear parents!

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