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Ivan Babich - 2 old, sensorineural deafness of the Fourth Degree

In order Vanya to hear, is necessary Cochlear implantation. The cost of procedure is 29 700 USD

Author: Vakulinskaya Alina, translated to English by Oleg Kudashov, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2017-03-06 11-30-00 Viewed, times: 1783
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Ivan Babich, born 05.01.2015

Diagnosis: sensorineural deafness of V of degree

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Babich family moved to Zaporizhia from the city of Stakhanov, the Luhansk region in July, 2014. Plants, manufactures, enterprises were gradually closed in their hometown. Alexander worked as a foreman in a smelter. But the family was forced to move to our city, Zaporizhia. Here Alexander could find a job to support a family.

Tatyana with Alexander have already lived together for 18 years. They dreamed about children. They were treated and examined a lot. And miracle happened at previous year, Tatyana got pregnant. Good news was found out on the ultrasound - couple will have twins. All underwent without complications. And two little men Vanya and Polina saw the light in January 2015. From now on, troubles were mixed with happiness. The childrens lungs didnt open at birth because of premature birth. Newborns were taken to rehabilitation. They were staying a long time on ALV apparatuses. It was almost three month of exhausting and sleepless nights, and it was just the beginning.

Vanya was operated (shunted) owing to hydrocephalus. Also it was diagnosed heart failure, stenosis of a pulmonary artery 2 degrees. And when the things were getting better, the new ordeal came in the family. But as it turned out after another check-up, Vanya cant hear. He was diagnosed sensorineural deafness of the IV degree. Diagnosis was confirmed in Kiev.

In order Ivan will be able learn to speak and start to hear, he is in need of two hearing aids at a total cost of 2 000 USD. Further it will be necessary costly cochlear implantation, but about it later....

Now the main is not to miss the valuable precious, time. Until the baby is small, he needs hearing aids urgently. Then it will be much a lot harder to return the baby to full-fledged life.

Unfortunately, the family has low-income and they dont dispose such amount. We address you for a help soliciting financial help to collect necessary amounts.

Remember, many a mickle makes a muckle.

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
25.04.2018Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine1562.43 US dollars
02.02.2018Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine757.1 US dollars
27.10.2017Tat'yana O.Ukraine7.46 US dollars
25.10.2017Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine776.16 US dollars
15.09.2017AnonymousUkraine3.82 US dollars
30.08.2017Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine680.02 US dollars
07.07.2017Tat'yana O.Ukraine3.84 US dollars
25.05.2017L.B.Ukraine3.7 US dollars
28.04.2017Tat'yana O.Ukraine3.77 US dollars
14.04.2017AnonymousUkraine3.72 US dollars
01.03.2017Tatiana O.Ukraine3.68 US dollars
09.02.2017AnonymousUkraine2.06 US dollars
23.12.2016Tatiana O.Ukraine5.68 US dollars
01.12.2016Tat'yana O.Ukraine5.2 US dollars
14.11.2016VitalinaUkraine3.9 US dollars
24.08.2016Alena P.Ukraine5.39 US dollars
15.08.2016Aleksandr Z.Ukraine2 US dollars
08.08.2016Svetlana A.Ukraine4.03 US dollars
07.08.2016Elena .Ukraine6.02 US dollars
01.08.2016Irina Ch.Ukraine8.06 US dollars
28.07.2016UR6QW Ukraine8.1 US dollars
26.07.2016Irina P.Ukraine4.03 US dollars
14.06.2016VitalinaUkraine4 US dollars
30.05.2016O. Y.Ukraine3.87 US dollars
05.05.2016Egor V.Ukraine9.92 US dollars
05.05.2016Svetlana .Ukraine11.9 US dollars
04.05.2016Kseniya M.Ukraine3.97 US dollars
23.03.2016A.ShUkraine3.81 US dollars
03.03.2016Vadim R.Ukraine36.97 US dollars
29.01.2016Svetlana .Ukraine8.03 US dollars
12.01.2016Svetlana .Ukraine42.55 US dollars
05.01.2016SashaUkraine3.96 US dollars
10.12.2015Nadezhda N.Ukraine0.87 US dollars
30.11.2015LimonUkraine209.28 US dollars
29.11.2015Sergej K.Ukraine2.05 US dollars
25.11.2015UR6QW Ukraine8.38 US dollars
13.11.2015Unknown donorUkraine2.18 US dollars
02.11.2015Svetlana .Ukraine43.49 US dollars
22.10.2015Yuliya .Ukraine9.39 US dollars
04.10.2015Oleg G.Ukraine4.57 US dollars
02.10.2015Svetlana .Ukraine28.17 US dollars
01.10.2015Alena G.Ukraine23.04 US dollars
01.10.2015V. G.Ukraine2.25 US dollars
30.09.2015Tatyana P.Ukraine9.31 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 4332.13 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
27.04.2018Payment for the course of rehabilitation (diagonal, massage, bioacoustic correction, sensory integration, ART-therapy, hypoxic therapy, psychologist, speech therapist)888.3 US dollars
02.02.2018Payment for the course of rehabilitation (diagonal, massage, bioacoustic correction, sensory integration, ART-therapy, hypoxic therapy, psychologist, speech therapist)757.1 US dollars
04.12.2017Medications: Agvantar, Smart Omega, Cardonate, dryer for hearing aids73.56 US dollars
26.10.2017Payment for the rehabilitation course (diagonal, massage, bioacoustic correction, sensory integration, ART-therapy, hypoxic therapy, psychologist, logopedist) in the center Tomatis Kharkov776.16 US dollars
01.09.2017Payment of the rehabilitation course (diagonal, massage, bioacoustic correction, sensory integration, ART-therapy, hypoxic therapy)673.31 US dollars
07.06.2017Buying a hearing aid Max E SP531.5 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 3700 US dollars

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