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Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Alexandra, deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-12-07 14-20-00 Viewed, times: 953
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Our dearest friends, My name is Alyona, IТm VikaТs mother. This year, our family has spent
many hard days and weeks in several hospitals.My beloved daughter underwent cerebrum bypass surgery. Strokes are gone for now, but itТs common knowledge that every intrusion to the brain brings consequences. Edema and the tumor overpress hypophysis, which blocks the release of certain hormones (in our case - reproductive). Every time after treating one disease, Vika gets another one. Our endocrinologist requested a lot of hormone tests to be done, which costs 30 USD. And after the New Year holidays, she will also need to go through the health checkup in the Institute of Neurosurgery again. To make it real we need 80 USD more.

Despite all troubles we need to deal with, life goes on. My dear child has got married this September. Her husband is a soldier, and his salary is pretty low, despite the fact he is a combatant. Vika is a student, so major part of their earnings is spent on a flat rent. I do not have a possibility to help my child, because IТm a person with disabilities of group 2 (I have thyroid cancer) and I am also under treatment now. I have been laid off because Disability Determination Services allowed me only light labor job.
I do dream about playing with grandkids someday. IТm sure it is every motherТs dream. Yet, to make it real Vika utterly needs medical assessments and treatment. I beg all the non-indifferent people to help us raise money for the health assessment of my eldest daughter. I wish Vika could be healthy and happy, raising kids as well as I wish being a grandmother. We fight against diseases to have a better future. Great thanks to all of you!

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